This should NEVER happen!

I’m at 3800 trophies and can defeat 80-90% of the players around me. However I am unable to beat any of the festival bases and I have to inch my way to 15 crowns. The difficulty is ridiculously harder compared to attacks around this trophy range! I feel like I’m attacking a 4500+ trophy player during these attacks!! The screenshot below shows how ridiculous my last round of battles was

Throughout all the days of the event I haven’t seen one raid less than 640 medals on my end. Majority are 750-850 so it could be worse. Now you know what I was saying in the other thread.

I always knew what you were saying, I completely agree with you. The difficulty of the festival attacks has got to be lowered down!

The solution is always the same: drop your trophies.

Even dropping 100 trophies makes enough difference.

How do you keep trophies down? Just constantly lose on purpose? I usually do opposite when I attack alot my trophies go down when I stop attacking and just defend back up they go. 

Festival fight is based on real player base and according to their trophies.

Current trend is like this, mostly player drop their trophies purposely, so they might drop from 4.5k to 3.5k, unlucky they have been chosen in your fight. My self around 4k, dropped to 3.7k, i still facing base with 700 medals.

The solution are drop trophies or skip the fight.

open base with full gold, some one would help you.

My point is, you shouldn’t have to drop trophies in order to attack in the festival. I do just fine outside of it when i’m attacking other players. The bases I’m facing are 10x harder than the average attack

I get that but I’d have to open my base non stop.  Easier to just lose battles non stop and not have to continually remake path. 

What do you mean by that? Can you beat everyone in the random matchmaking (no skipping!) ?

well, of course not, but the bases I’m skipping are the impossible bases that give out 42 trophies and 800+ trophies. I never fall for that trap. I attack as soon as I find a base with a regular trophy and medal count (which would be about 7 or 8 trophies and at most 50-150 medals)

There’s no skipping in the festival, so you’re being forced to face the bases you usually skip.

It’s not that the festival is harder than the regular random matchmaking. It isn’t, it’s probably about the same (only Flare can clarify that), but you just can’t skip the hard defenses.

It’s wrong. If you disconnect 5 minutes it’s change the battle. I did this when i wanted tower to the gate for win with only 2 crowns (more battle = more gold)

yes, u can do like that, but it is time consuming. u can also go in with farm set and surrender, it will help u change the battle also.

Hi AK,

there is already a thread open about the festival difficulty (you commented in it as well)…

Please be so kind the next time have a look before opening a thread with the same topic, otherwise, a thread might get locked or merged.

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It is because they want you to spend gems on festival battles.

I refuse to do so…

Pretty much refuse to play festivals except for xp. But I shall not pay 1 single gem for a crown.