Thoughts about tower usefulness

Some towers are not particularly useful (in high lvl gameplay) currently - mainly useful now are only skull tower for its raw high area damage and boosted bomb tower for its long ranged area damage (plus firebolt for its “immunity” to melee damage).

Some of them lack range (frost, gargoyle, snake) and can thus be destroyed either by any ranged troops and bypassed by the king and/or troops mostly unharmed, or quickly destroyed with a spell without any prior damage being dealt ahead of time before the short moment of casting the spell. Slightly extending their range (at least on high/max lvls, like has been done e.g. for the firestorm spell as well) to match at least those of the shortest ranged units (archer 3.5, gargoyle 3.5) and also cover a whole path tile to make it impossible to bypass them unharmed, might make them a lot more useful.

Fun fact: Gargoyle tower description says those make a lot of damage against frosters, but due to frosters having twice their range, they will never receive any damage from gargoyle towers at all.

Some of them lack a decent progression of stats when levelling them up. Most upgrades for towers, troops and spells are roughly+20% health and damage per level, so +20% is the regular/normal progression rate for stats. This makes lvl 9 about 4.3 times as strong as lvl 1.

Gargoyle tower and (since an update that buffed lvl 1 by 65% and nerfed lvl 9 by 5%) firebolt towers are two examples of very low % improvement upon upgrading them (between 10% and 15%), despite the general cost and/or cost progression for upgrading them is quite high.

A lvl 9 gargoyle tower is only 3 times as strong as a lvl 1 (compared to 4.3 times as strong for average/normal progression).

A lvl 9 firebolt tower is only 3.1 as strong as a lvl 1 firebolt tower.

This makes them decent/useful at low lvls, but the gains from upgrading them are too low to be worth upgrading them to max lvls, thus making them more and more irrelevant altogether the higher you get (yes firebolt is used in some top bases, but only to waste a spell for making sure you don’t end with 98% when your melee troops can’t hit it, and not because of its stats). The last few arrow tower upgrades btw also have a lower than average stats progression.

Some towers are just too weak (low health and damage) but also relatively cheap, and could be more useful by adding another lvl or two, increasing both total cost and max lvl stats (e.g. arrow tower).

What do you think?

Flaregames did announce an elite boost for the gargoyle tower…


 But towers like the frost tower or the gargoyle tower will not be useful with upgrades alone - frost does very little damage to anything, and a hero scream or a batlecry will completely nullify its effects, rendering the frost tower with its present range useless. Of course if the range were doubled, it would be a completey different story… The  same is true for the gargoyle tower, to some extent. Low range towers must either decimate knight spams or do a lot of damage to the king. However, unless  the gargoyle tower’s damage is doubled or more, it will remain useless without its elite boost. Also, there is one other thing that renders the gargoyle weak - it is weak to ice, one of the favored attacks for your hero’s sword. So not only will it die faster to your hero but also it do little damage to the hero. One thing though, that I have benn thinking about: what if the fire effects from the gargoyle tower lasted twice as long (at max levels; that would be too powerful at the lower levels? To be sure, a shield spell will lessen the damage done, but supposing your king had gone gallavanting off to fight in some glorious battle up ahead: if its effects lasted long enough to kill a max boosted knight, the gargoyle tower would become extremely powerful - except that once your morale reaches 8500 you no longer use the knight except in surprise mummies.

all I have to say is why does the gargoyle tower reload?


the frost and snake tower dont


this is what makes it most useless imo