Prayers go out to all those in paris. Prayers for all!

Prayers to all!

Was wondering why the black shields, just read why. Heart broke for Paris

TragedY most definately, hard to believe such evil exists

Strength to all of our French friends!  :slightly_frowning_face:

May God comfort their families and give rest to their hearts. My ally is already with a black color for 3 days.

what happened in paris?!? i cannot find any info (yet)?!

Bombs and shooting

Hi, I’d like all the alliances except French would change their flag with black for mourning.

This is the only place where we love war!

Sad day for all of us

Hi guys,


I have just woke up and watched RR2 game chat to laugh on Blookie Bloo’s jokes and then I saw the black flag and at first sight I knew something happened.

And I saw it in every alliance as well as when the Russian plane crashed and from alliance message I saw the reason.


Independently of religion, nationality, alliance and other things we all condemn the violence.

We are a real community - even if we played hard against each other, but in a real trouble we join forces.


Thanks guys for that and send all the best wishes to France.


Nicely said, I think the same.

What happened is really sad, hope all the persons who live in Paris, and their family, are safe.

expensive friends of the the game.l confess l say thank you to many alliances to have put their emblem black.


Many alliance turn there flag totaly black (for 3 days) in solidarity with france, i suggest you to do the same thing, and tell other alliance to do the same…