Thoughts on Dragon (pyromancer boost)

Seems there is a dragon heading to royal revolt, kind of exciting. I wonder if we have to fight together in new dugeons missions to unlock it. Maybe we need a magic black arrow to kill it, where have i seen that before :grinning:


How do you think it will play? will it be overpowered, probably it’s a dragon. looking at the video it should tear through the wooden elite barricade

maybe time for blockades again

I thought it will be another unit but I honestly do like pyro’s becoming a dragon its like a mummy and its like a lifesaver like the mummy too

From the video that has been shared, the dragon can be spawned from the evolution of pyromancer (in fact we can see that the new elite boost is pyromancer ) and a new fucsia bar called Dragon Power  similar at an health bar when probably filled the dragon spawn automatically or you have to cast it. Also the base that has been raided had firebolt towers to see the effectiveness of dragon (so most probably it has fire damage) deal around 75% of damage at those firebolt towers (probably they are level 9)

Also i think that Pyromancers can gain this Dragon Power’s energy when they kill or hit enemies troops/towers. 


What we can understand from the video is:


  • Pyromancers (probably as i wrote before, when they hit or kill something) transfer Dragon Power’s energy among them and (in my opinion) the first pyromancer that reach full bar, make itself bigger than normal size we usual see and become again a Dragon (or another way is that all pyromancers in a short range mourn by this energy, become a single thing: the Dragon);

  • At minute level 0:14 we can clearly see that the spawned Pyromancers from Tent have almost 0 Dragon Power so the thing that they have to kill/hit things to gain this energy is very valuable;

  • The Dragon follows the path going back and forth for a good time, but maybe it can moves also like gargoyle (over path) when they see enemies on the other side;

  • Again at minute 0:14 seems that the Dragon goes away from the path probably the times for its cast is finished, so no more usable;

  • Although we see that Tough Barricade and Elite Mummy have few health, it isn’t. In fact those have already almost zero health, so we can’t say how much Dragon is able to kill troops or obstacles.

Enough inspiration to make a video opelle?

This probably will end bad. Either the dragon will be so OP that he makes everyone use pyros  on attack or it wont be strong enough and there is little to no reason to use pryomancers besides the FUN factor of having dragons.


I wish the dragon was a standalone unit not an elite boost. Starting off as a baby dragon gaining the energy then transforming.

I think flare have dwarfed this idea. if you using pryos to make a fire dragon then why didn’t you also use froster to make ice dragon?


this would make dragons more versatile and give players more of a choice

Ass a baby dragon!!! XD

Review your posts before you post XP

don’t think ice dragon would work…i think leviathon or something…bewilderbeast?(the alpha water dragon in httyd2)

Also noticed the dragon has no health bar so is it unstoppable??!?

+Flare you’re gonna have to add one more Unit slot!

@atlas how would ice dragon not work? ever heard of a frost wyrm? you need to play more games mang

Another unit slot would be stupid and pointless dark if we got another slot we need to increase a very big amount if our morale income when we attack

I’m pretty sure I play way more games than you like CoD, Assasins creed stuff like that(sadly school is about to start so I can’t play as much) but it doesn’t make sense because when you think dragons the first thing you think of is fire breathing dragon, the thoughts on an elite frosted turning into something else shouldn’t be the same thing…must be something else

I can see a point both in ice dragons, and in other ice creatures instead of a 2nd dragon… but I think in mythology around the globe, there exist so many shapes, legends and types of dragons that a frost dragon wouldn’t be too far off. 

Btw, I know and have played a game called “The I of the Dragon” in the past, where you could choose one of 3 dragon types as your main playable character - either the fire dragon, the frost dragon, or the dark-necromancer dragon… some had target-seeking attacks or powerful spells at hand, others were just using a bit more of brute force, others slowed their enemies… and they could catch the smaller enemies mid-flight and devour them as a snack :wink:

Dracomancers turn into a dragon… Nice idea. Seems interesting.


Knowing flares sick greediness for cash with any feature added, the main question is, how much it will cost to activate this Pyro powerup and who, besides the wealthy top alliances, will be able to activate it.

Will it be again “The richest get richer and the poorest get poorer” (and also heavily farmed)?


If proved wrong, I will delete this post and will apologize!

I’m with ya Ed

I’m feeling me too about this problem for the new upcoming elite boosts, however knowing how has been done until know, i would say yes rich to rich, poor to poor…if i have to look from the point of flare, but…

I hope it can be obtained like the war elite boost or a similar way, so everyone can try this powerful boost, otherwise only top alliances can dance happy with it  :unsure:

Btw, while we’re at it, besides my common opinion “more boosts / costs without larger regular (free) income aren’t helping at all and are unusable for 99% of players”, this dracomancer reminds me of the dragon mage character from the Sacred 2 Addon “Blood and Ice”… 


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im excited. this might add months of fun. i can not wait.

Also from the video we saw, i think this dragon has elite boost level like all other boost and if it is like this, i hope that the dragon they used in the video is the last level of boost because we can see that its damage is very high (example of those firebolt towers hit). i don’t want to imagine if they maybe, used a dragon boosted lvl 1 only in the video, and behind there are other 4 levels  :mellow: