Thoughts: Turbo Paladin & Accursed Tower

Hello everyone,


I started this topic just to share mine thoughts and mechanics on these new Special Elite Boosts: Turbo Paladin & Accursed Tower.

Mine are:


Accursed Tower:

  • You need 1 max sonic blast to destroy it;

  • 2 blizzard lvl 13 leave accursed tower with very few health (so you might lose more time) but if use your sword and you destroy it

  • Same thing for hammerstrike: 2 shots of hammerstrike leave the tower with very few health, so you need a third to kill it definitely


Turbo Paladin:

  • It runs faster than Knight 

  • It has only attack speed increased, so nothing interested

  • It sucks a lot on killing things as always

  • It sucks without its boost (Holy Paladin)

  • Most probably (thanks to its increased attack speed) it’s better use Holy Paladin boost as double boost so you can take full advantages of its bonus

  • It dies very fast and easily even shielded

… and seems adverse to frost spikes. Not as OP as the one we had before it was nerfed, thankfully.

I haven’t played yet, but this makes me sad :slightly_frowning_face:

Has anyone encountered Turbo + Holy Paladin yet and lived to tell the tale?

Phage one blizzard and they are history, they don’t die but some knights kill them in a second.

On the other hand I can’t beat any base now thanks to the new skull boost.

“Turbo Paladin” is a joke 

Can’t even call that a war-boost! That’s the speed normal maxed Paladins should have. Actually, they should be even a bit faster than that!


Well, they are not so bad  :stuck_out_tongue:

But I still think that should be their normal speed

I agree on defense but on offense they should be magical no?

If you discover anything magical tell me because I have no idea how to raid right now.

As in the skull towers are too powerful? I haven’t raided yet to see best I stay away from them?

I tested my own base with boosted skulls and managed to get past with spells swordrain and blizzard plus turbo paladins. Use offensive spells is my suggestion (avoid heal and shield)

No way my knights are going to survive without shield if they don’t survive with it.

Turbo paladin doing well absorbing damage of accursed tower and garg nest, think this is the most balanced set of war boost yet.

Paladin ogre wolf combo when you raid perfectly can destroy maxed out base in top 10 with 40 secs left (destroyed wm2014 42s left)

Still, the combo not as good as ice dragon which rekt any base without fail when used by the right player

Maxed snake tower kill holy turbo paladin very quick ! !

This season war boost is a joke

I like the fact that you cannot destroy the gargoyles and the Accursed Tower together with one blizzard (as it comes after it dies) unlike Gargoyle Nest, but now several elite boosts and coming very blizzard-weak.


E.g. One wave of Turbo Paladins + Accursed Tower: Use Blizzard.


That’s why I still don’t understand why Paladins are now weak to ice. They have enough weaknesses already. It isn’t much of a problem for the 2,500+ trophies, but it becomes extremely annoying for the members under 2,500 who use a horde of paladins in most waves.


In addition, the classic wave of 4 paladins + 1 pyromancer has gone from being highly effective (for low-mid level players) to idiotic. I don’t understand this; this is probably why no high level player, or even mid level players, uses the turbo paladin. Either that or it’s just rubbish.


If you disagree on this at all, let me know.

10 holy turbo paladines take down a doom gate under 2 secs…

How to get them to the gate… Thats a huns secret… Shhhhhhh

Yeah double boosted paladins are fantastic on offense. They don’t need much protection and respond to scream like a dream.

I remember Accursed Tower had 3 gargoyles that went out when destroyed now are max 2 with max skull tower…

Moreover in this war season: Sudden Skirmish they wrongly put the icon of gargoyle instead of the icon of health (+5%) 


No just no… or are u using level 2 paladins? lol

Probably thats my paladin level 3 months ago