Thousands of Pearls gone?

Hey. is there a way to see where I spent my pearls on? Since last time I checked I lost like 10000 pearls and I have no clue where they went. I didn’t forge so much, I don’t even think that’s possible. I had over 10000 pearls, always have, always participate in the ninja event and get all the pearls, only forge 3 spells, 3 troops and only a couple towers sometimes, yet I am now at about 1000 pearls left

how did this happen? any help is appreciated

for “didn’t forge so much” how much do you mean? because things like viking, basilisk, pal flute sucks 600 pearls at try and surely the double must be saved to forge things (bad system of flare) therefore 1200 pearls needed. just for these 3 things for example 3600 are gone so 10k pearls are very easy to eat in few seconds.

I can’t believe now there are acatually things that cost 600 pearls to forge 

Yep, forging costs a lot. Just take towers. Some cost 200-250 per attempt (so 500 when being unfortunate) and with 16 towers, that’s an easy 8k you lose. Then the obstacles (jester box costs 400 or 800 when unfortunate) cost you also a small fortune.

Then troops, spells and items (some items cost 500 pearls or 1k per try after a failure) and you easily spend thousands of pearls within a few minutes. Only way to afford the pearls as free player is by maxing blacksmith and unlock al forge slots. Participate in ninja event plus pro league for additional pearls. And even then, it’s all about making choices, we can’t forge everything.

Forging is now so costly , and the most irritating is the failure. After i completed ninja i have 7600 pearls and after i forged some stuffs the pearl remainig is just 46?

  I’m losing thousands of pearls daily. 


Hello there @Pper

Thanks for reporting this. Do you have more information in regards to the situation? Can you remember how many pearls you had and how many you think you might have lost? Did you forged anything in the meantime? The more details you can give us, the better. 



@GalaMorgane with all respect, but this definitely is no bug.

Just try to forge all towers plus obstacles on your base and you are already spending way over 10k+ pearls. I don’t know your current hero level, but ask @FTB and he can tell you that forging is a costly business in terms of pearls and spending more than 10k pearls is pretty easy.

All first forges on whatever start with 25 pearls per try and end up between 100-600 pearls per try (between 200 and 1200 after a failure) after forging the same stuff quite some times.

Pearls can be spend in no time on forging defensive structures, items, spells plus troops. Just forge viking, pal flute or basilisk a couple of times, they need 600 pearls each (or 1200 worst case) and then your pearls are gone within a blink of an eye. First forges are cheap, but the more you forge your stuff, it becomes more expensive. For example first forge on a ring costs 25 pearls. Next time 50 pearls, 75 pearls, 100, 125,… pearls and going up pretty fast to the max for the thing you are forging (like I said 100-600 per try and double the amount of pearls after a failure plus retry).

When you first time forge all your towers for example (16 towers), it might cost you just 400-500 pearls. When you do this next time, it costs already double the amount of pearls. And after some forges, towers cost between 100 and 600 pearls per try (200-1200 after a failure plus retry). Due to higher failure rate, this becomes pretty fast 10k+ pearls alone for towers. Just imagine having a few basilisk towers in your defense. Forge 4 of them and have bad luck. 4800 pearls can already be gone just by that! Then you forge a few other towers and 10k+ pearls are spend in a blink of an eye. 

So when players don’t hold reckon with increasing rates for forges, they are quite fast surprised where all their pearls have been gone. In fact it’s the same for everything, first forges are pretty cheap, but after a while, it costs a factor 4-24 more. 

I’m not saying it’s a bug, I’m just asking for more information for now :slight_smile:

There’s a lot unanswered bug topic in this forum. Could you give your interest there? instead replying in this topic that you can see clearly just a misunderstanding by OP with his pearls and already explained by community forum. Take an action with priority of importance please…

Thanks for your consideration - However I would like to remind you that it’s not because we don’t reply to all topics that we don’t see it or report it.



Then you’ll look ignorant by community forum because we don’t know whether you just see it or with action by reporting it to flare dev.

The example is simple, if a man like a woman that he knows for 4 years but never told her. it’s not her fault is she think him as friend and then have boyfriend in the end. It’s that man fault for not tell her about his feeling all this time.

So tell us what your action that you really did and if possible give us an update in periodic time.

Take an action with priority of importance is the best for you as CM. You can see previous CM activity with reference if you want. Hope it help. ?

Thanks again, but I know how to do my job.

Now let’s keep it on the topic please.



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