Thread to post sketches of equipment and skins that will surely be popular

(It is similar, but the case is different from the thread before my post. Here I just post the ideas for the skins and equipment I drew.I will be waiting for your comments and posts.)


It is a skin of Japanese ORGA “ONI”
I think it fits the background of the cherry blossoms.

(Necromancer’s new skin for June Blyde season. A white bride or a black bride … A bustling procession with lots of attendees. Both will be very beautiful.)

(June is the rainy season in Japan. The girl who wears a raincoat as a monk’s skin, I drew with awareness of the little red hood. The physique and behavior may be just right …)

(I tried to draw a ninja head costume on a king or queen.
"I become the Pirate King”)
Costume of the King of Wizard)

(I drew a kimono from one shoulder. It’s summer clothes for Samurai.Glossy and functionally)
In addition, I will post it to this thread if I have accumulated what I drew.
It would be good if there were various proposals from different countries.

I like this costume… I vote for Necromancer Black Bride Costume…

P.S.: amazing art… I like your artistic skills… hats off… :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

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I like the Oni and the Samurai.

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Thank you for your reply.
I think that the critiques and requirements of various designs have a good effect on the next skin fair.
f the game is waiting for our favorite design castle and defense, we will increase our daily conversation.

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Well made! I like these ideas!


It would be nice if everyone could draw a ideas in the forum.If you do so, it will surely increase the number of visitors to the forum just to see it. It’s the same as I’ve seen your pictures and videos.

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orga oni reminds me of urusei yatsura, nice artwork :+1:


You remember the nostalgic anime. me too. Lum is sexy.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Yes lum is the best, ten chan is the cutest, so many vibrant and funny characters cherry, kintaro etc. Such a fun and nostalgic anime.

Some of my sketches I made for the skin contest (1st row falcon knights the one I submitted, 2nd row angelic cupcake paladins). Nice topic more artwork from players would be nice



Falcon night and cake paladin are also wonderful.
It will be a sweeter defense if the skin of this paladin and this previous Bom Tower appear on the background of Happy Birthday.

The falconer is suitable for the king.
It is a majestic bird that any country’s king loves.
If this bird’s equipment and Pal appear, it will be popular.

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Thanks a lot aslan for the comment on my sketches, what I like about your bride in this post and necromancer design I think you posted for skin competition is it has a calm & mysterious grace about it, that’s lovely. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Your design is highly compatible with the design and direction of this game. Even if it is adopted and sold right now, no one has a sense of discomfort. It is very good. Also I’m starting to think about the unit and pal beast skins that accompany your painting.

Sweet unit with tea(coffe) and sweets
Pal / Beast wearing an apron
A tower that spills chocolate fondue.:heart_eyes::yum:
It is exciting just to imagine.:coffee:

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I do like your Necromancer skins for the black or white brides…very nice, subtle yet sexy! Beautiful work


The reason why I made the bride costume slightly sexy is because I wanted to make the Necromancer even more active even if her put on a dress called a dress. Emphasized shoulder and foot lines.:running_woman:


understand the reasoning, but even so, brides should be somewhat sexy :wink: i hope that when new skins are chosen, these are among the ones that make it.


How about this gargoyle tower on a background of sweet candy studded?
Dip in chocolate that sprouts out fruits and marshmallows…
The fun of gargoyles is to throw them to the passing people.
It is a snake tower in the form of a teapot. I think that the design of Alice’s teapot with three spouts or a Turkish teapot(çaydanlık )characterized by its use and shape is suitable.
It is a skin of a hero or a heroine."Cheshire cat”
I combined the pattern of my cat with the color of my sweater.

Orga with a rolling pin.He likes clean All insects that creep into the kitchen are smashed.

Let’s introduce a nice Madam skin that will greet you among sweets.She is also very clean and has a mop on her slippers.
She spread her big hand to entertain you.Be careful not to be blown away.


this could be a little change to our granny… this could be granny’s skin…


Admittedly, the next pal or female guardian may be granny if that skin comes out.:rr2villainscream:

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The last skin is BAD>… I feel like vomiting… aye… uff… it is dirty and very ugly
All others are good

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Wow the ogre is super cool, way better than the current skin, Never thought an ogre can have such a class to it. The way the ogre looks with that rolling pin says a lot. I bet he can make a tasty pizza and cookies while kicking enemies.

Gargoyle is fun, especially the chocolate shower and gargoyles throwing candy at passing people.

Madam looks sweet and terrifying at the same time, the kid close to madam is super cute.

Like the Cheshire cat and teapots too.

Wonderful and creative artwork, please continue :+1:

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