Three team war, very unfair

Will the developers reconsider the 3 team war setup? It is extremely unfair to the poor team fighting the other two, it basically does not stand any chance not matter how good the alliance is. Especially when some alliance have already formed friendships and will not attack each other.


Welcome to Olympus Rising!! The only online game I’ve ever found that gives war results so potentially warped from real alliance strength.

I’m assuming you don’t play in Titan League! There it is much worse with free enhancements/open bases for extra VP’s and bonus torches/deals for islands. Only good wars now are 1v1, but yes they have limited strategy, but least they are fair.

This subject and that of the other 4v4 war has been raised about 10 times this past few months, and it is our hope the devs really consider a meaningful chance and that it arrives soon before we all get bored…


Three way war is extremely fair though? It’s impossible for any two alliances not to attack each other unless the 3rd is winning the majority of their strikes on defense and offense. It’s as collusion-proof and well designed as a multi team match can be.

This image is spreading around.
I am not against these things because there are low level players who need it, I like to crush my enemies and crush me with everything.

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That’s a very old image ,it was taken four Months ago.

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i think avi and george used this layout to fullfill the brothers challenge as their GK killed them both :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
some have to pay attention: it is a bait. :crazy_face:

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It seems, I don’t like it either, I’ve done it once and that’s why I can’t complain.

I didn’t know that😝 and GK were once used to be very good but now they all are very weak.

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Yes they attack each other the end over one island maybe . Until then ,the poor team caught in the middle got beat the life out of by the other two ! In what sport have you ever seen 3 teams fighting each other at the same time?!

You are correct , i don’t play in titan league yet but looking at how things are set up there , i’m not really sure i would like too either…

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It’s not supposed to be modeled after a sporting event. It’s not called Alliance Tennis.

In what war have you seen only two countries engage in a totally fair fight?

There is a saying : a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. By sport I meant competition. The organisers of that respective competition should ensure that it’s set up fairly so that all the teams have a chance to win. Last war,my alliance got two former titan league alliances in a 3 team war, what do you think happened?! they didnt attack each other until the end when they fought over one island thus deciding who should take the first place. our only option is to try and defend , which is not much of an incentive to play the game. Rightly or wrongly , this cant be proven, the assumption that they decided this together was obviously made , making it a very frustrating experience through out the war. Most players simply gave up, knowing they don’t stand a chance.With all the friendships in the background , i ask again how is this set up fair?! It should be either 1v1 or 4v4 so that all teams stand a chance of wining torches.

So first off, I wouldn’t make any assumptions. If you were the weakest team of the 3 and the other two alliances are fairly evenly matched, it is completely natural for them to feast on you until they are forced to attack each other. Which is exactly what it sounds like happened. It’s what your alliance would do in a similar situation, right? You have an enemy to one side that’s challenging and one that’s weaker. Are you trying to win or trying to lose?

Secondly, and again, it’s modeled after war, and wars aren’t neat and tidy. But you get to try your hand again next week. Nobody gets relegated because of one bad war or promoted because of one good war. Keep trying to improve your alliance and you’ll find yourself on the right side of the 3 way map much more often. But if your players give up in the middle of war you deserve to lose.

You’re talking in truisms and it’s pointless to continue as the conversation is going in circles. Of course two strong teams will pray on the weakest one, but that is besides the point. How someone considers fair that the weakest team is to be paired with the other two stronger ones in a war is beyond my comprehension. Playing in this fashion makes any attempt at any strategy pointless.Basically the fate of the war is decided before it actually starts.Imagine any alliance against the 2 nova brasil teams in a 3 team war.Not assuming anything though.

You can be matched with any team in your league once per season. If your alliance isn’t strong enough maybe you should consider trying to be relegated.

It’s not beside the point, it is the point. Lick your wounds and try again next week. Or give up. It’s up to you.

The point is that ,from I’ve read on this forum , it appears the titan league is corrupt to the core and plagued with all sort of behind the door agreements. Manipulating the 3 team war is just another way for some alliances to stay at the top.The problem is that the teams that fall from titan league use the same mentality and slowly will corrupt the whole game. Players such as myself spend real money in this game and i feel robbed when such things happen to my alliance. Your suggestion to either put up with it or quit is not very wise , as i’m sure that the developers wish is not to get rid of players but to listen and take notes of their suggestions, even when it does not suit the chosen few!


Or, what if the alliances who are good enough to make it to Titan league realize that in a 3 way war, if you want to maximize your torches, the strong teams should eat the weak team until they have to fight each other. It’s not collusion, it’s correct strategy.

Out of curiosity, @cosmingabor, have you ever been in a war where you’re next to an alliance who is weaker than you? Or between one easy enemy alliance and one tough one? What did you do in that situation?

If the answer is you tried to avoid the weaker alliance so you wouldn’t hurt their feelings, I commend your empathy, but that’s a terrible way to try and win torches.

If the answer is you did what is best for your alliance and tried to win, maybe you need to think about why you made this thread in the first place and what it really means.

I’ve openly said I did it, but since I’ve learned that it ruins the game, and makes it pointless. I was one of the first if not the first to suggest defences be locked for war to stop the stupid tactic. There are other tactics in TL but that is one of the worst. Yes about 5-6 months ago that image, my fames moves on about 7k points from that image, trophies haven’t as I rarely fight outside war.


@dumpster, I’m no hypocrite of course we were in that situation ourselves and we took advantage. I didn’t like the way we won because I didn’t find it fair. It would eventually happen to us as well. The current set up favours corruption and the only players that seem to favour it are in TL. What chances does any team going now in TL of wining anything with all the friendships created and war manipulation ?! None! no wonder we see the same teams in TL season after season at the top. Not necessarily because some are good, but because off all the dodgy alliances done in the background! The system favours the few and needs to change . eliminating the 3 team wars would be the first step.


You see the same 9 or 10 alliances in Titan League every season because they’re the strongest 9 or 10 alliances. If you’re trying to dispute that, or if you think more than 1 or 2 God’s league alliances could beat any of the top 9 or 10 Titan league alliances 1 on 1, I think you’re either being disingenuous or you’re not thinking critically about the situation.

Until the goal of Alliance Wars is changed to something other than “win”, you’re going to see scenarios play out like you experienced last war. It’s the simplest and most correct strategy. On top of that, any other scenario where the two strong teams attack each other and ignore you would in all likelihood require much more manipulation and coordination between those two alliances.

If you couldn’t defend your 4 or 5 skull islands last war you need to really evaluate your team building strategy. Good luck.