Three team war, very unfair

@dumpster It’s possible: you need to miss 3 towers. I’ve just tested it minutes ago.

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Well, it’s almost impossible to accidentally miss 3 towers, so I’m inclined to think cosmicarbor is misremembering.

I agree.

BTW, it’s no longer 98% then 96%. It’s 98% then 97%, then 95% now for every additional tower you miss (again, I just tested it).

We have 25 structures (9 barricades, 16 towers). They used to worth 45%, so 1.8% each. They now worth 40%, or 1.6% each. When you round the numbers, it looks right.


You also attacked me not so long ago and managed 100% do you remember if it was on auto ?

If it was Ariadne or Cadmus, then it was full AP I guess. I have a list of players who I would manual a lot, especially at the GK. Then a list of players who I would manual in a couple of important points. I just AP the rest. And if it’s not 100% then I take note and will pay attention next time.

Trust me about this (I am not defending anyone): sh*t happens when AP-ing, especially with Ariadne. Sometimes she just chases to ghost (the skull thrown by the Charon far behind her troops) and runs all the way back to the portal. I had to manually catch up when I noticed that, maybe I needed to ignore a few things just to break the gate. I have 65K trophies, and over 60K was farmed with Ariadne. I know her inside-out.

At level 133, maybe you are the best forger out there, who knows, your GK can’t be comparable with those in the top 3 teams in TL, let alone Dumpster’s GK himself. You can have max DR, max all 5 resistances, max everything you would like to add to your GK. Your health and LoH will still be very low compare to a lv145-150’s GK. Heck, even if you reach the LoH cap of your level it’s till dead low.

I am saying all that with just the intention of sharing information, nothing against you. Personally, I put a hell lot of efforts in my GK at lv137. He was very good for that level. But when I realized that being at low level is an insurmountable obstacle to build the best GK, I decided to go for lv150. That decision was made before they nerfed the VP for low levels, and it’s not like I need to level up to be competitive. Unless your GK is waaaaaaay stronger than mine, Dumspter’s-not-100%-against-you looks like an accident for me.

I checked ,it was Cadmus .maybe dumpster didn’t use trebuchets or Phoenix .either way it was only 95%

I don’t use trebuchets with ariadne, and phoenixes can miss nyx towers easily in certain configurations. If you intentionally have them in an obscure corner it’s a very good anti-AP design! Nice work! Did you gain trophies from me on the attack?

Here’s a question, though: Why is the 3 team war less fair than the 4 team war? More people complain about that map. In the 4 team war 2 stronger teams can attack a weaker team, except they never have to fight each other. Isn’t that less fair?

Do you remember if it was before or after the update where the GK’s 5% worth moved to 10% worth?

If it was after the update, that means he beat your GK but somehow missed 3 towers. It’s very unlikely but I can imagine a very special situation where it can happen (but I don’t want to elaborate that since it’s a bad design which happens to be very anti-Ariadne).

I think it was Wednesday/Thursday of last week .my gk is not very strong .work in progress at the moment

I find the “feedback” on raids, completely useless, unless its a 100% no gems, in which case the attacker either AP or manually beat the GK with limited room for luck. That’s a good discussion to have if you want to improve (both defensively or offensively)

Even if I constantly see a 90% from a specific user, it doesn’t matter. And it doesn’t mean anything. There are a dozen reasons why anyone, even a good player would have 90% attacks (rarely or often), or even use multiple invos to beat a player.

Its sadly becoming boring too. But there are still some fights out there, worth taking. Not sure for how long though. We have to act fast for that…

not only three team war, sometimes 4teams war can be unfair.

so, there is no fair in nature of war.

I don’t see anything unfair there. just bad strategy