Throne room level 11?

 Something is wrong after the update i see some of my ingame friends message " Throne room upgraded to level 11" few minutes before server maintainance. After the last server update when i logged in game it said "Castle Boost Event " and when i clicked “Check it out” it said throne room to level 11 for 6.4 m gold but due to lack of gold i came out of it and then when i collected enough gold and tried to upgrade throne room the upgrade button to throne room is greyed out  . Can anyone please say whats going on??

I think it’s probably a bug, i’m playing on Windows 10 PC and i don’t have the option to upgrade it. I saw people got new level for troop academy too…so it must be a bug.

i play on both windows 10 pc and android mobile . it happened in android yes .



Currently Throne Room is maxed at level 10.

But what is this?


Won’t let me screenshot it but I received a notification saying someone upgraded throne room to level 11.

Have they secretly added a new level, because I can’t upgrade it.

You can’t? You should upgrade your game in the store. TR 11 makes you able to upgrade troops and spells another two levels. Raiding is sooo easy now!

Happened to me too, not only Throne room but Castle Guard and Troop Academy too.


Went back to normal not long after, very strange.


I started a thread on it but nobody answered.


I didn’t saw throne room 11 just saw towers n obstacles are 1 level+ while checking all…


Would you have a few ingame names of these players with the Throne Room lvl 11 so we can check it out?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks Aether i also have the pics i took screenshots i can give the pics here.


IMG-20160614-WA0022.jpeg (0 Bytes)

Aether please look into the matter of dumping fiefs too , thats a bad thing other teams dumping fiefs badly going below 7/60 members. it can cost the suffering team get bad grouping for a couple of seasons ,so  please make a counter rule to stop that to happen or better distributed war rewards(everyone gives more importance to gorgaoyle nest / dracofroster)


These players still have their Throne Room level 10.

We will keep an eye on it, thanks for the report.

Aether mine went back to normal level a few hours later, has not happened since.

lol, Vester, you should not shout it out so loud… It was only available for a very short time… Let them all stay with Level 10, thinking it’s a max while we enjoy the benefits of level 11…

New spell levels, new troop levels, stronger gate, bigger farms and silo, 2 tiles longer path… New spell, Dizzy weed, It confuses the opponent’s troops, so they start attacking their own… A new troop can be unlocked, a Gofer… Hmm… interesting… He can dig through the base and make your backup troops arrive faster through the tunnel. Can use it as an insta-troop in dungeons.

Just need some time to complete all this…

Windows OS rocks this time. It’s about time we get some advantage over others :slight_smile: Thank you Flares :slight_smile:


You only have level 11??? Did I have good luck with level 12, I got it as reward from an uber chest. I now have an extra troop called genie plus spell called bottle, only available for our alliance.

When the genie is near the king, just click the bottle and there you go, you have a genie in the bottle.




Logo Genie & Master (300x200).jpg

That’s the one indeed.


is the max level 10

the max level is 11