Throne room level 11?


The max level for the Throne Room is level 10.

You might receive a message that a friend upgraded it to level 11, even though it actually did not happen.

You can always send me the names in PMs on the forums if you wish so we can have a look into it.

what the hell my throne room is now 10 what happen

There is no level 11 available.

Could you please let me know when did you make the upgrade to level 11? (Start and finish)

Please guys, let’s keep it low… Not all have to know we have the 11… Even Flares can’t see this bug. lol…

Love the Gofer digger troop. A straight underground tunnel to the gate. It costs only 5 morale and all my troops are at the gate in notime…

It was only natural: Field troops, Airborne dragons, now underground Gofer. Next will probably be a sea ship… But there’s no water in the game.

Think one of the devs is laughing right now. Good trick.

beatles, spiders and gnats…they fly to the enemy troops and annoy the heck out of them until kill them…lots and lots of bugs in this game…i now have a million man army with the beastie bugs

Love you Gypsy :slight_smile:

i can’t remember but it was lately 

what gofer





It’s a special troop that digs a tunnel underground, straight to the gate plaza. You spawn it after you have killed most of the towers. This way the fresh troops arrive to the gate very fast.

Also, the Gofer’s graphics is great.It wears a safety helmet.

Available only to the lucky ones who got throne room 11.

1st April! 1st April! :slight_smile: OMG… But it’s June already…

you fooled me and then say OMG i was so happy with that gofer