Can someone tell me why is this happening? 86% while he is 14 lvls higher than me and I’m still losing 19 trophies?

43% and I don’t earn anything?

Why should I fix my defence then? 

This is, apparently, a feature to reward weaker players for doing some damage to a significantly higher attacker. Now, since this brilliantly precise system is based on trophies, all sorts of crap like this happen, for trophies are easily manipulated first place. I proposed a change in this mechanic, so all we can do now is wait and, well, ignore 

I can accept that someone couldn’t take down my hero statue and got 95%… but the other are unfair… if he is low in trophies he could earn just 3. Not 19 and 15. I need 6 wins  to earn them back so this is unfair… if we have so much difference on trophies he could earn 25 if we won me completely with 100%. Or earn 3 if he did 95 %… but this is irritating and completely unfair since I spend so much time to earn them and the other just login make 1-2 attacks and logout … I can post more screenshots it’s happening all the  time to me and I’m sure it’s happening to more players… Just earn gems nothing more with this system which is not the case at this time…

As you can see, he broke your gate and ignored your statue. He also missed some towers. For breaking the gate, he get’s a lot of the 25 max trophies he could have get. 

I can understand what you say… if it is the fair thing let the system bring to me players 120 lvl with 10k trophies or more. I’ll just cast chronos invo and pyrphoros break just barricades ignore hero statue reach the gate cast chronos again combined with dragons tooth destroy his gate easily and earn 100 trophies… you’ll be upset too… 

And the other one made 86% so he missed some towers… it’s not fair my friend 

As someone said before, it’s not fair. And be sure, I have the same thing sometimes. The maximum you can get from an attack is 35 trophies. Nothing more. But the system is far away from fair. I said this before in another thread. The matchmaking is crap and should be refactored.

One of my alliance members earned 28 trophies from someone… I know there is a limit and I can’t take more than this but it’s the same thing! So if it’s fair I’m glad to do this and earn 100 trophies with 4 attacks… it’s easy for me and for other strong players! So the defence is the problem

Just give them 3 for 95%, 0 from 51% to 95% and make them lose 3 from 15% to 51% if they are low on trophies… it’s just fair for everyone 

And again… all the time… I’m getting tired of this… if you agree post something too or someone who knows exactly how this thing works explain me please… 

It’s allready explained. The attacker has much fewer trophies as you have. Therefore he would get 25 trophies for a 100% win. But he left your statue, so he did 95% and so he got only 23 trophies. It has nothing to do with his hero lvl or his ascended lvl. It’s all about the trophies!

Oh ok! And why I can’t see anyone on my map that gives me more than 3 And the other can see me? 

Because, you see them not often. And they change also after a while, when you don’t attack them. So if you are looking out all day for a 25 trophies enemy, you will find them sometimes.

Ps: I have one atm on my map. He has 17.755 Trophies. I have only 11.500. I attacked him and got 9 trophies. I got his base, but his statue is insane. No way for me, to kill the statue. So next time, I will break the gate without statue, so I will get 23 trophies.

Thanks a lot panic! I don’t agree with this system but at least I know how it works now! 


Stay away from crocodiles, Captain Hook. 

We wait 

Given that this one was last seen online in 2016, your advice is a little bit too late.

As for the real one, there is a prize for writing contest baring his name, so I hope it isnt an epitaph but  rather a hint for glorious comeback with 3.9, solving wars, trophy mm and all them pesky bugs and lags.

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