Thropies loss on gate down

happened today, all towers down, gate down, statue a live = -10 points … why?


Maybe the trophy difference was too big… Anyway, @CaptainMorgan, the best advice I would offer. 

Hey @Artemus this sometimes happens with me too.Like you destroy gate of Apollo when timer shows zero seconds left but does show the sign of victory with all three laurels but when it shows result it shows two laurels and not three which means game consider that you have failed to take down gate in time and hence -10 trophy loss.

Happened once to me as well, maybe a month ago. I think it is a buzzer beater situation (?). Like you lost to the timer with a millisecond to go.

This has just happened to me (karma, I presume) and here is the breakdown of it: I had above 30 (I am pretty sure it was 53 even, but better to be safe than sorry), I went through the entire map on semi-manual and my units were with me (meaning no tower, else their peanut-sized AIs would have switched the berserker modes on). Same kind of result, 98%, +3trophies, the statue is dead.

The only thing that differs is that the guy meant to give me 3 trophies and he did, but this may well be the iteration of a similar issue…

@CaptainMorgan any bright ideas about it?



Sorry for not doing this first time, my bad :slight_smile:

Never happened to me before but since I read about it, it happened to me too , but my case is just as @HOLYDIVINE explained.