Thrown Room / Blacksmith Interface Fixes/Bugs

I believe there a lot of little details that should be fixed and debugged to make the interface for the Thrown Room and Blacksmith more user friendly. 

Most importantly: As my inventory grows I often go to my Thrown Room to look at it by category compare inventory and throw out any items that are no longer relevant at my level (105).  The problem is after going throw my Swords and picking out the weakest link by comparing all stats and seeing what perks I need / have.  Any of the Swords I have decided to melt, I can’t just melt them.  I need to close out the Thrown Room, open up the Blacksmith, re-find the Sword which may in fact be identical in look to another sword so I have to go throw the whole process of verifying I have the right sword before I melt it.  There should be a melt button.  Currently in the Thrown Room that’s a little Hammer Button for melting on the right.  There is space for a little Anvil button across from it on the left.  And it really should be there!  But it isn’t!  (And no it isn’t important that you put it into a slot!  It always goes into the next empty slot.  The app can figure that out, place it there for us, and if the slots are full it can just say the slots are full.)

Next, when I’m in the upgrading section of the Blacksmith, and I’d chosen an item to upgrade, I may realize I don’t want to upgrade that item, but I do want to upgrade another still.  There’s not back button.  (Yes, I know that you can click on the item itself to go back, but that’s a stupid way to go back.  And it isn’t the way to go back when you are trying to upgrade stats on a unit.  I’m not saying clicking on the item can’t send you back, but there should also be a back button.  It’s about both uniformity and user friendliness.) 

Finally, there should be a way to lock gear so that you don’t accidentally melt it or sell it.  Obviously, you ought to be able to turn off the lock, but something that requires an extra are you sure before you melt it.  And most importantly when an item is locked it won’t show up at all when you are in the melting section of the Blacksmith and you click to add an item to a slot.  It would just show you the smaller list of items you actually do intend to melt.  That way I don’t have to scroll throw my giant inventory for every single item. 

Oh, and while you’re in the Thrown Room there should be the little icon for the Blacksmith up next to Granny and the Uber chest.  Obviously vise versa for in the Blacksmith.