Throws out the game after add mass hysteria

After the end of the pro league began to throw out the game in the middle of the battle!

Perhaps associated with the addition of boost “mass hysteria”
It is not possible to play at all, I have already lost about 200 trophies.
In our alliance, I’m not the only one 

And tomorrow begins the season of war.

The Mass Hysteria was quite impossible, but now Flare has nerfed it. We can all rest easy now knowing that we won’t lose attacks, but we won’t win any defense battles (that was a bit sarcastic)! Great

They say they nerfed it, but before it said 15% confusion chance, now it says 30% confusion chance, while they were supposed to reduce it to 10%. So it seems they tripled the effectiveness. Language/math barrier or incompetence?

the % was bugged before. It didn’t match the real % confusion chance.