Thumbs Down

This game becoming a joke, costing viles to travel for a start, ascension level way higher than your own taking over your isles, titan chest cant be unlocked unless you pay or invite to make franchise richer, 2 weeks on the trot i not been able to level due to higher players in my zone, going from 6k rank to 8k in 2 weeks, gem powers making defenses become obselete and pointless upgrading, duplicate same titan item on same character? Level 36 with a cyclops and hydra lol, cant use zeus or perks unless you prestige again or buy, no wonder folk binned this game, pay to win and grow franchise, wars have been simple enough but yet perks dont last after all hard work and hours to win still lose out, what the hell flaregames this is thumbs down from me, a game should be fun not stressful and a waste of time but yet you meet criteria for those sad enough to spend hard! Ignorant franchise too cant get back to messages sent, well i will not be spending another dime, doubt i be playing game for much longer, i have gamed for many years now and these days gamers think they good but need money to be the best…very sad this aint gaming, this update just proves who you build the game for, plus it was poor update too!

I Think game is fun,  I do agree its a bit heavy on the pay to win side.