thx alot for the update, i love it!!! ?

defense is not paper ? any more, finally my skulls max forge towers worth something. :slight_smile: 


Ceres, was Over powered,so now i play with different pet and its more fun… 

just enjoy the game, and please flare don’t nerf defense again!!! 

its towers defense game, don’t forget that. 

Yep totally agree with you my friend 

scroll free, first raid vs top 10, and my pal is  only at lvl 7, not aska/nemesis /ceres… 


90% =too many towers at gate ? 

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Good for you man, glad to see that someone has already adapted to the new changes, perhaps this will inspire more people to try to come up with a different combo instead of just complaining and doing nothing

  1. theres no point on trying to hide your pal, anyone can see it on your profile. irmgard.

  2. thats a base with no obstacles, in case anything goes wrong you can just leave everything behind, rush to the gate and irmgard + hammer melt it. 90%

His whole point is, it was a Top 10 attack with a pal other than the best 3! I really think we should just settle down and just try to learn to play with the new changes, this way we can learn to have fun in the game again, even if it means losing a few attacks

I like this one. Now, I feel that there is someone who is for this update like me.

Since barricades and obstacles now survive bladestorm when they are descently forged, it’s waiting till those bases are changed and those are part of the defense. Also we need to wait till defenses have obstacles plus towers maxed. It will be  around 10% stronger.

I think then we are able to judge if it’s really that easy to adapt or not. Having said that, gate towers now even are more hard to destroy, wait and see after conquest, we will get some wars in there and will face bases having gate towers. It will be very hard to find good combinations to take them out. Hammer can’t do it even any longer, even with hammer gear. Sonic is absolute must, but when rest of base is setup that sonic isn’t right choice, you might not even make it to the gate.

What most don’t realize is that even ninja event is influenced. If you aren’t able to destroy gate towers any longer, no first places that much.

Yes, I am also happy that defense now isn’t a joke any longer. I started to forge my towers a while ago and now all stats have at least 10 forges, so my towers will not be a walk in the park any more. And since, if they are boosted, my barricades now survive, it takes it more difficult to win. That part is good.

Ceres is still a pal that can be used to win, only during war seasons that combo is more hard, due to the need to destroy gate towers. I also have irmgard, but it’s level is still pretty low. Will need to learn how that pal works, since for me it’s face always points in wrong direction ?, that can be due to my hero raiding style (often running forward and returning to troops).

Now only flare should do something on encouraging players to remove those gate towers. Now still a lot of players have a relative easy base, but they invest only in gate towers and make those stronger. So there is next point of attention needed, getting players motivated to remove those towers near gate.

I was never against this new update. I love Royal Revolt 2 now as it was in 2014. I love the game and will keep loving it. I have adapted new changes. No, I don’t use ceres but Kaiser, Tammy, or Archimides. These all are still worthy.

Than use firestorm and Sonic Blast against them. Try to use different combos. Why are you using such an old combo.

i would have use aska if i had it, i think its the strongest pal in game :slight_smile:

Old combo? To be honest, you should try bladestorm once forged on range to 6.7 and lower cooldown in combination with shield and blizzard during recess with wok combo, very easy raids against non top bases in combination with Ceres. Yes, gate towers directly near gate survive, but during recess it’s not required to knock them down.

During conquest mode that can be a problem, but it will be solved.

You clearly have no clue what you are talking about, firestorm does nothing against blockades and sonic is that low ranged plus lasting, so that it’s use is often neutralized. Yes I know, bragging is easy, you say you lost a 115 level hero, the reason why you now are level 80. You don’t have to try to give veterans like me any advice. 

I know exactly how to destroy them in no time. Bladestorm still does a great job against those, after bladestorm the slightest damage will be fine to knock them down and… most players didn’t forge them at all and then they also go down. 

You should try to raid skull tower bases with sonic with your suggested spells. Without kickback aura you won’t make it far. Your sonic is neutralized by either heal towers or monks and your army will get slaughtered. 

I just mean that if you have problem with bladestorm, use another spell.

I also don’t have it. Still use Ceres with either dracomancer, but that has a problem against phoebe defenses. Best way so far is wok with shield, bladestorm and blizzard/firestorm. That will beat a lot of bases. You now only need to build a bigger army at the start and summon a few more wolfs. Ceres due to lower spirit morale will no longer summon wolfs, but this disadvantage has the advantage that more ogres are summoned. Keep them alive with shield and let heal aura ring do it’s job. Since blizzard does more damage to skull towers, it does a great job, bladestorm kills damages defensive troops a lot and still heavily damages obstacles. If they survive, knights give final blow. So that combo still works. Only when plenty of firebolts are in there, it might be wise to exchange blizzard by firestorm.

Only problem is that gate towers survive.

That problem I will try to solve with my kickback aura ring during war season. Keeping troops alive with panda will make ranged troops interesting. We will have to figure it out.

When heavily forged, bladestorm is still one of the best spells to use, even against defenses without obstacles.

The meta may have changed more than we expected.


Maybe you’ll lead by example in your team and will gem during war, but how many of your members are willing to do that? And to what extent? What I can say is, gate towers were there prior to the update because defense were so bad that it didn’t matter to have extra towers in the main path, BUT, now, absolutely different thing altogether.


One or two towers you take away from the main path now makes a HUGE difference now. Think of it this way, you put just one extra heal tower beside your skull towers, and it may take 3 shots instead of 2 to kill them. That could make a whole lot of difference whether your army survives or not.

I think there is no problem in this update. Some people are barking without any reason.

Exactly, now towers can make a difference between winning or losing raids. So who has a pretty good defense can remove gate towers and be more successful (read more worth) in wars. Better to have some raids 74%- and some 100% scores, instead of plenty 98%- scores.

Still thank you for that combo, it works fantastic.

You’re welcome ?


P.s. Even my team is currently discussing about the gate tower policy.

There certainly is a problem, flare even promoted usage of gate towers for players having no strong defense.

Gate towers can now become a problem during ninja season. So less first place rewards. For me that’s good, why give plenty of players first place? 

Only… gate towers by players should be discouraged. That’s next priority and is missing in this balancing act.