thx alot for the update, i love it!!! ?

Yes, those gate towers still are a huge problem and to be honest it’s the ones closest to gate, rest can be destroyed by cannons for example.

But for keeping cannons alive (without having them as insta) you need kickback aura for sure. To be honest, strongest defenses now no longer need those towers, unless they meet skilled raiders like you?.

Haha I have my fair share of problems raiding those above me too. 

4.0 à augmenté la difficulté. À nous de s’adpater. Personnellement, je trouve ce changement beaucoup plus gratifiant et permet de réfléchir à une défense adaptée et surtout améliorable encore.

I think it is a great idea to not be able to destroy perfectly ?. So not only skull perk and gems but also skill will be counted. Normal player will make 96%, gem spendings will make 97%, skillful players will make 98%, skillful and gem-spending players will make 99% and noone will get 100%. I very liked the idea.

And wouldn’t it be a good idea to have some ‘scroll free/revive free’ warseasons every now and then? That would really bring out the skilled players ?

And having to use gems to get the skulls from the chest in cof has nothing to do with skills either, so why not remove those and give them immediately after the raid? It’s all about the skills now, right?

As for Ceres: I didn’t really like him that much (except for ninja) cause it didn’t match my playing style (I always ended up with like 15 wolfs at the gate). So maybe I should try him again now?

What they should really do is do away with gems altogether. That would really show who is and isn’t skilled.

Then no one will get first place. It will become very easy or a little hard.

Hahaha, again the same- changes for meta content but affecting also those who are far from meta :wink:

The change is global. No one is “far from the meta”. The effect of those changes are respective to where you are. If you were far from VL prior to the update and what they were doing back then didn’t affect you, then what happens to them after the update doesn’t concern you either. Only those who are truly within VL’s range will now know the gap has gotten smaller in the current meta.


Apply it to your respective range, for example, if a level 50+ - level 60 alliance is learning the game, and a level 70+ alliance is going on a strike, during war or conquest, the gap is now much smaller and the chance for the smaller alliance to win is now much bigger compared to the previous meta.

I dont think so. If defense is stronger then alliance boosts are more worthy than they were, smaller alliances are in deep shit now.

I wasnt concerned about top alliances for even a second and will never be for obvious reasons.


Ok, you’re entitled to your opinion while I’m sharing my prediction of what’s to come. Only time will tell.

Of course not. It’s very easy to participate in a lower layer and win there.

I agree!

Do you even know who Dena is? Just stop replying to everyone about whom you do not know anything.

Brother he is a 80 level guy so he can not understand you…