Ticket donation. Why are you encouraging people to just make 4 accounts?

I thought it’s illegal to have multiple accounts but since you add this ticket donation feature everyone will just make 3 extra accounts and collect 4 free tickets and donate to main account and never need to buy.

Seems like a rather silly idea 

I expect the requirement to have a level 10 throne room to collect pro league tickets will deter most people from doing this, though some percentage of folks will.


Developer comment: Since players can only participate in the Pro-League once they have reached Throne Room level 10, we decided to apply the same requirements to collect the free tickets and purchase tickets. This is intended to prevent frustration caused by potential mispurchases of an item, that cannot be used straight away and help reduce confusion for players who are new to the game.

Uhm it’s really easy to get throne room 10. Just play little now and then. For free players it will save them alot 

+1 looking for response.
multiple accounts is obviously tolerated even if against ToS. Will making multiple accounts to gift tickets also be tolerated?

This was on many peoples minds when the change preview came out, i will have to eat my own words when I posted that donating wouldn’t work like this - for this reason so everyone doesn’t just make more accounts to gift to main account.

I think i read you only could donate to your ally friends.   Who can handle 4 accounts in war, or going we to have a in out from accounts just for the ticket?

Why are you talking about war? 

You just have 3 spare accounts that you pickup free ticket once a month with, yes you can only donate to alliance members but what’s stopping you from putting those 3 extra accounts into one new alliance of your own that you join with your main once per month for donation then jump back? … 

So easy …

Shhhh, Macamus, why are you telling everybody this secret??? :wink:

sure, it’s not *that* difficult to get your throne room to level 10 but it does take a non-trivial amount of time to do it.  It’s not like the friend uber chest thing where it only takes a couple mins so folks just make throw away accounts to do this. 

Having the alliance membership requirement to donate tickets will also cut down on this somewhat.  I would hope there is a cooldown period (say, 6 weeks or something) for donating tickets when you join an alliance as that would make it a harder for folks to cycle “donator” accounts through alliances.  If they also had a cooldown for receiving donated tickets maybe that would discourage alliance jumping as well. :slight_smile:

That was what i ment


Would make alot more sense to me the requirement trophy based than throne based. 

Like 3.5k trophies or somethin if it’s just a dummy account for getting tickets you’d have to make proper defenses have it in some midrange alliance etc or you would drop down unable to pick it up. 

Anyone can just casually grind up the little amounts of gold you need for a throne room level 10 that is permanent once you get it.  Just play little drink ninja, war or festival and start a new throne room per one of those… doesnt take much time at all.  30 mins per week maybe 

My opinion it can be trick to detect multiple accounts.  Normally only the rich players will donate ticket to another, free players don’t have the gems for it.  When they put a counter on the donations you make, it will be easy to detect the multiple accounts.  Think you should be carefull with donation to your self

Keep in mind though, any legit lower-lvl player that would be below like 3.5k trophies and thus get no pro ticket would probably (rightfully) be infuriated about such a change. And quite frankly, with the whole trophy system behaving very strange for at times, I rather not have any new mechanics tied to trophies.

We see for ninja events how ppl strip trophies from each other, dump on alliance members etc, just to get to their desired ninja tiers - or prevent opponents from reaching their desired tiers - and I don’t want all of that mess affect pro league as well.

Also, many say dropping trophies gets you tons of gold on matchmaker, plus easier bases, while at your “rightful” trophy level you only get crap loot most of the time… and trophy level is rather defense based, not offense based, so not really a good measure for overall player strength, it only covers one half.

Well they said pro league is supposed to be for veteran players…  I personally dont attack anyone outside of wars and my defense holds about 4.5k trophies and my alliance aint even running defense boosts lately…

Regardin People dropping in ninjas aint that mostly dropping from lowest uber tier down to the legendary level since there is more gems in those. Dropping below that doesn’t seem to have any point at all. 

But to sum it up trying to claim it’s illegal to having multiple accounts then ENCOURAGE players to do it after seems really ■■■■■■. You know just as well as me how little it requires to just get a 10 throne room. Just play when gold is bountiful and upgrade only what you need it’'s no effort 

Well don’t get me wrong, I see the very same issue of twinks donating free tickets as you do, but I don’t think a trophy-based barrier will be the best way to go about it.

Besides, they could just simply prevent donating free monthly tickets at all, and only allow donating purchased ones, for example.

Regarding Pro leagues being for veterans only - as a RR2 veteran, I haven’t played PL at all so far, and with all the issues about cheaters, bugs, multiaccounting and so on, my motivation to participate is not high for now.

That personal stuff aside, though, I currently do not see the Pro League as a competition of the best, most-skilled raiders, but rather something about luck, exploits, bugs and getting alliance members to spend gems on tickets for new fancy boosts. At least to a relatively large part. So why exclude less-veteran players with artificial trophy-based barriers?

Also, if the above is wrong and PL indeed is truly about raiding skills, why then tie it to not-skill-based defense progression? The idea for PL exactly is that everyone can raid with same stats, independent of his personal long-term progress, alliance membership and alliance budget for boosts.


pro is not about best raider, just fun PvE

I think they must answer this. If multiple account are OK then say it flare. After that I won’t hate them and began to make another account for my self (to get additional free pro tickets).

@Nikko @FTB @Archimedes @PaSte

Maybe Flare want you all to participate with donated tickets from alts, so that you all win those boosts,
and expect you to donate extra gold with gems/money to the alliance to prolong all the boosts?
Maybe they estimate to get more money via gold donations than ticket sales? :wink:

There’s no confirmation regarding this flare?

Is it OK to create multiple account for free ticket purpose?

@Archimedes @Nikko


So this probably means you haven’t done well in Pro league!  :wink:


For sure~! :wink: :wink:


Honestly im not good raider

I can use only one combo and now i prefer use only one spell- gems spell))