Tier tracking numbers

I’m just looking to track the 7 tiers and how many teams are in each tier. Also, a bit of anecdotal evidence of the kind of matchups there are.

Our Conquest: Tier 3rd highest, Numbers of teams 196, 39 (plus ties) will move up/down.

Us: Rank 326, Level 49, Members 52, HQ level 6

Enemies: Rank 188, Level 62, Members 57, HQ level 9; Rank 314, Level 52, Members 47, HQ level 7; Rank 284, Level 48, Members 51, HQ level 6.

Looks like a tough fight compared to other ones but mostly as expected. Rank 188 will easily outbuild everyone and likely win.

I am trying to figure out where this information is located.  I do not know our tier and many other things about our place in the world, so to speak. 


Your tier: Alliance - Conquest - Rewards. 

Your rank within the tier and also how many alliances are in your tier: 

In top tier, 80 teams.

3rd tier, looks like 200 teams (40 go up)  In order of current placement.

Us - Rank 378, 48 members, lvl 45, CQ HQ lvl 6

Other - Rank 306, 46 members, lvl 44, CQ HQ lvl 7

Other - Rank 255, 59 members, lvl 56, CQ HQ lvl 7

Other - Rank 253, 47 members, lvl 65, CQ HQ lvl 7

I should add that this ended up being a close grouping.  With 10 min left, the scores are 340, 339, 293, 216

I found it, and I also found the tiers.   Looks like we are moving up to Vet Explorers and are in way over our heads.  The last Conquest we had 1 really strong team that likely got knocked down a tier, now we are moving up 1.   We are only ranked around 1000 give or take.       The match up was actually pretty close but one team had far more 100+ rank than we did and about the same amount of active players.  

I am afraid next tier will be too much.  We hate to lose.  


Can you post how many teams in your tier please?

We are in Veteran Scouts (5th tier) and here is the breakdown:

1st-81st place (453-241 points) moved up

82nd-314th (240-126 points) stayed put

315th-396th (125-0 points including 6 teams with zero points and one with 7) bumped down

We are currently in Seasoned Explorers.   Missed the Cut to move up. We were in the Green an hour or so before the end.    Kind of Happy about that part.   

Looks to be 196  teams in seasoned explorers.  

Green Level is top 40 teams.  Scores of   474 to  331 

Gray score is   331 to 195 

Red is 156 and down with scores from 194 to Zero.  

I am thinking it is still an average but not 100% sure.   

I guess we are in the 5th tier too, counting from Bottom ?.   Given @KingThunderbolt4 saying he is in Veteran Scouts,  I assume I can not see the lowest tier, only so many above and below current position.    His is second below us so relatively we are in 7th tier. 

Can not look at any other tier.    Also cannot see score averages for tiers like you can in Ninja.  I guess we lost just enough at the end of the game to not move up so we are close to the cusp.   

The ninja tier system and the Conquest tier system are almost entirely different from each other. Seeing the average score of a tier wouldn’t do a thing, cause in some Conquests the score will be 500 and in others 300. It’s the same in every tier (maybe excluded the lower ones). If you get a high enough score in that tier you move up to the next tier. There are a ton of new alliances that move up into a tier and each alliance has a different strategy. The score will never be the same, so I don’t see how seeing the average would do a thing

Also, in the ninja tiers, you don’t see an “average score”, that’s the trophy level, 3850-4199, for instance. It’s not an average at all

Oops!  I had to go back and look at it- I counted from the top as Tier 1 (which was backwards, that’s the top tier-7).  We are in Tier 3, not 5.  Sorry for the mistake.  @UncleTH you would be in the 5th tier then.


I was not suggesting it, I was simply stating that in reviewing and trying to gather the requested info, what I could and could not see to report back. 


Our Conquest: Tier 3rd highest, Numbers of teams 200, 40 (plus ties) will move up/down.

Us: Rank 338, Level 51, Members 54, HQ level 6

Enemies: Rank 269, Level 55, Members 50, HQ level 6; Rank 342, Level 68, Members 49, HQ level 7; Rank 424, Level 48, Members 52, HQ level 6(?).

Tough Conquest opponents but to be expected.