Tiers need adjusting

I think the reward tiers on the horror cup need adjusting, only 1st place in the top 10 has more than 2 chests. This is a reward that you normally earn in 400th place. I am in the 300’s and am only getting one chest whereas I normally get 2 for a score of 1300.


I know it’s called the horror cup but did not realise that applied to the rewards…

Yes. Agree.  Please adjust the tiers.  The number 1 guy is stuck at 3 chests only.   I finished rank 131.  Usually  would have been 3 to 4 chests.   Please adjust

It’s indeed strange that highest scoring player just gets 3 chests. Even just 2k crystals is not really a good reward for such a score.

Hope they will fix it before the current pro league getting finished.

@Madlen Can you please ask about this? It would be really nice to have an adjustment to the current tiers so we can have proper rewards.

The highest tier is for 2.150+ while the highest score on leaderboard is only 1.858!

Current #1 score on leaderboard is only enough to reach the 10th highest tier!!!

This pro league was not so easy as they expected, the combo was good but it was weak, lvl 1 Bela didn’t really help at all.

Hi Wych,

thanks for your feedback. I have forwarded it to the devs.

Thank you Madlen.

There is actually no one scoring in the top 9 reward tiers.

Thx a ton.  Else playing this pro was not worth our 750 gems if rewards are not fixed

I was just thinking of the events get harder and harder or my skill are getting worse. ?

LOL, I just realized this because I always get that amount of rewards when participate pro league (low rewards ?). Yeah flare, you have to readjusting the tier rewards asap because there’s only 10 hours time left before pro league ended. Don’t disappoint another pro league participant again for better future. Or… do you guys really intend to make this time to be real “horror” cup? ?:v:


In any pro league I still can’t adapt using Bela pal. Dunno why, when there’s Bela pal, it just become a hard pro league to only me. ?

Hi there, we will adjust the tiers before the end of the Pro-League.

Thanks for adjust?


This time the Pro is spooky and the tiers are too high, Bela the ? grows it up ?

Thanks a lot, I got one chest more than before the adjustment. :slight_smile:

Thx for adjusting.  I moved to 3 chests.    Only Pearl’s and pet food.   But still.   Haha 

I skip pro leagues like this . 


The current one is one of the easiest (even if I failed again gg).