Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

Hi, a War Declaration Cooldown on the Conquest tile after a War has finished on it seems like a very good thing. I’m not sure about how long the Cooldown should be (30 minutes or an hour?).

This would help prevent the losing alliance from restarting the war on that tile before players from the winning alliance have a chance to move somewhere else or refill on troops, etc.

It’s an exploit that is really decreasing the enjoyment many players are having from Conquest since they are perpetually stuck on a tile for days at a time (unless they are online 24/7 just waiting for the war to end on that tile).


Additionally, the amount of time 1 player can hold 10+ players on a tile is crazy right now.

@Dena4 already suggested it during/after the last Conquest. It is a very good suggestion, it would be a massive improvement in gameplay and would greatly lower frustration levels.

6 hours. This way you wouldn’t get pinned (again!) during sleep or work mornings/afternoon.

Or until all heroes have already moved away from the tile.


Maybe you could add an exception for wars that took place on Towers, but that’s it.

On the other hand if you did add a cool down, the winning team could just steam roll over then enemy.

That’s why I asked for additional rule, defender gets cool down, agressor not. So say you raid and win. Then they can pin you. But since you become defender then, next time you get cool down.

I don’t think even having as much as 6 hours cooldown will solve the problem, as players will then be forced to come online within 6 hours.


The best solution is to allow players to queue an action. Sort of like a standing instruction. For example, if I’m in a battle at tile A1, I should be able to queue a move to tile A4. The move to A4 will be implemented as soon as the battle is over regardless of whether I’m online or not. This will keep the pace of the game for those who want more action, without forcing players to come online.

This would be a great solution to this problem.

Yes, but I think action queueing is probably outside their ability to code into the game so I just suggest easiest fix.

Yeah we need some serious rule to this. My alliance have stood in a freaking same spot since day 1 , 2 top alliance have a deal and they just kept coming and coming for our towers . The other alliance and us having hard time to even find space to built while these guys have more than enough point already and now have nothing to do than ruining others fun.

i wouldn’t trust flare to implement that correctly.  

The pinning is a good feature and should not be removed, this adds a layer of strategy.


why not?

The pinning is a good feature, because the defenders are sent back to the SH and lose troops, and the attackers are in the frontline already. The pinning requires 24/7 from the defenders to keep it permanent and the attackers can send other attackers too to prevent pinning by, well, pinning the possible pinners.

Why not take out all possible strategy and just make a building/bullying contest out of it.


that was sarcasme… in case anyone missed that.

I like strategy and I would actually like to see more of it.

Pinning is more about availability to play at any time of the day, than strategy.

Do we want RR2 to depend on that? I don’t and I’m in favour of removing/reducing the effects of some game mechanincs of Conquest that demand/force you to be online 24h/7.

Just as being stronger because you’ve been playing for a longer time has got nothing to do with strategy. Yet, you think top tiers should be meant for the stronger alliances, and not the ones better at strategy. You contradict yourself.

Do we want conquest mode to depend solely on that, strength of players?

I like pinning, makes people think before moving, factor in cooldown, etc. It’s the only thing that makes it possible for a weaker alliance to face stronger opposition.

However, there is no saving conquest unless sergeants can control all the players like a chessboard.

Right now, we are playing live chess for 24 hours 5 days straight non stop, with 60 pieces individually controlled by different people that don’t speak the same language and have a crappy communication system - and the bonus: the 60 individuals work/study for at least 8h a day. A mastermind trophy to whoever thought this would be a good idea.

If flare still consider weak alliance, don’t implement this. This features only support those who strong. If flare applied this, I’m sure much more many players will feel frustrated and in the end will leave the game. Pinning is one of those strategy in conquest. When my alliance faced strong alliance, they still can manage to loose from our pinning strategy. It’s just those who have good strategy that be able to counter pinning problem. IMO, those who still have problem with pinning strategy should rework their alliance strategy to counter it because I have seen so many alliance that can do it. Cheer up! ???

To understand whether something is a strategy or not, one just needs to look at the counter strategy.


If someone uses gargoyles, use bladestorm as a counter strategy.


If someone just mass skull tower the entire base, maybe bombkick aura will be a good counter strategy.



What’s the counter strategy to pinning? Stay online 24/7? This is as silly as saying the counter strategy for level 50 alliance when facing level 80 alliance is to pay $10000 to level up the alliance. If a counter strategy is not viable, it means it is never a strategy. It’s a feature in the game that is bad. A feature that forces you to stay online 24/7 is as bad as a feature to force you to pay $10000 in order to win conquest or you will get stuck with alliances way above your level.


Note** pinning the ones who want to come and pin you also requires you to stay online 24/7. This is NOT a counter strategy.

There are a lot it problems here

but the main is- the players cant be online 24/7.

we need sleep, we need work, we have a family, we have a real life.

if the game become a work its time to get the salary.

the pinning is jot very bad if only we can prevent this spamming when the group is always attavking by one player


comquest is broken mode


ridiculos money need to win

we can make attack rate+1 triple bit we cant make defence rate+1 even once. With attavk +3 attacker have a buge advantage( level 4 towers in a forest can be destroed in 6 raids).


but the most problem- this mode is not fun for playerswho really move this game?its not Razz, koonin, k1. Its a thousand players who just want to play for fun a few times at the day, and ready to pay his 100-200 usd per month.

but i have no mood to pay right now. Fun was lost cuz this conquest

The only thing I could think could be an issue with ‘pinning’ is the SV requirements, that can be adjusted like the bonus skulls for small armies. The conquest mode by its nature requires more time online, if you want to prevent a 24/7 game play, you probably have to remove or do a complete redesign of conquest.