Time for a granny make over?

Granny seems in a real need to get a make over to be a little more interesting.

She offers Orange items at gems a lev 119 cape for 440 gems… who buys that, im pretty sure no one does.

And her items to buy with gold are usefull if your gold vault is full but the items she offers give way way lower pearl count in forge melt.

A make over for granny is due flare.

And to make uber granny day more interesting Let there be a chance that An uber pops up that you can buy with gold. People that want to buy uberchests on discount are happy and free players get a little chance to earn something aswell.

Granny should take some time off in the islands and have her hot great-granddaughter take over the business. With some actually useful goods, or a chance to grab a superb item for pennies (“I had no idea this item was actually there! Oh well, you keep it, for having such good eyes. *wink*”), an additional daily chest with a completely random item, basically. Or weekly.

So basicly anything but granny eh P


I remember the old days when none of the uber-pro-freaking-perked items existed and the max was the legendary ones and when you saw a legendary item better than the one you were wearing you wanted to get it, all those fucking gems needed to buy it and many at that time were doing it, we all couldn’t wait that granny was showing a monstrous legendary item with impossible stats to spend the gems on it. 


…with all these uber-pro-freaking-perked items, who really cares to spend 500 gems for a legendary item. It just doesn’t worth it at all at 100%. Even the items you find in CoF are better than those rip-off items of granny. And when before (in the old gold days) you couldn’t wait to get the cheap discount of the item like 50% less, 250 gems etc Now instead bores you the usual pop-up that appears every few hours where granny is selling a useless item in her shop at a cheaper price every time.

Definitely we need a total remake of granny, she could sell something new, not only items.

claro como por ejemplo las mascotas…

Ehh wut?

Hey i fight you in war , nice base

Yeah, I could definitely remember the time when I easily spent 3K of gems during a Granny Event.  Constantly refreshing the shop for 1 gem so that I can record down the highest stat of an item that I wanted,  then  try to see if I can get the same stat again by refreshing the shop more.  Most of the time the gear that I wanted to get I had to purchase it with gems, so you can see where those 3K of gems are spent.

These days, granny is worthless.  As I am quite slow/lazy in farming anything (items, gold and whatnot), the little gold that I manage to farm is usually spent on the blacksmith to melt existing items that I get from the video chests.  

Even for the new players, Granny is not a worthwhile investment.  The ability to get legendary chests along with uber gear just by simply playing the game, should allow these players (even if they are F2P), to progress with relative ease when it comes to gearing up their King/Queen.

Perhaps Granny can sell a “skip cooldown ticket”. For 2000 pearls, the skip ticket can be used ONCE to skip any cooldown. To avoid abuse, it appears only once in a while.

Well Granny is clearly old, and hasn’t heard about uber gear, probably because we all melt down our unwanted uber gear instead of selling it to her. In any case Granny needs to retire because she’s clearly gone senile, rocking up to everyone’s kingdom trying to sell, epic, rare, magic, or even normal items. Trying to sell legendary items for gems is also insane: if you’re desperate for items and have gems to spend, then you’d be better off buying a clutch of uber chests (1 uber is 420 gems, and I see the 5 uber chests for 1500 gems all the time).

Legendary items nothing. I looked just now and there were purple/epic items (EPIC! 2 levels below uber!) for some 440 gems. I mean, wtf Granny… Really?

Updating or replacing granny with her pretty grandchild should be one of the next priorities for content updates.

Granny clings on the old times. Maybe her grandchild can see beyond Legendary:-)

Up to say that Uber items are now in the Granny shop! We added your suggestion :slight_smile:

Does this include unique uber items? The screenshot in the other thread showed only
a normal uber item. These are almost useless (exception: a special combination like
scream/skull on cape, which you may get offered once in 5? years) and nobody would
buy them => granny would still be only usefull for melting items.

Funny that y’all added that particular suggestion rather than any of the other (better) ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

1k5 gems for 3 chests contra 1k0 for one sword at granny’s. Great ratio …

It would make sense, if it was a unique uber item, that you can buy if you haven’t found it in chests before. Otherwise: useless feature …