Time for a New Look! New Castle / New Teraine

Honestly, I felt cheated by the last update…

I was very excited to hear there were upgrades to all the buildings! 

I’ve had the same look to everything for about a year now, and I wanted to upgrade and see what the new look of my castle was…


It’s exactly the same! 

Goddamn it!

it’s time for a new look! 

Give us a new castle wall, a new terrain, hopefully a new everything!

That’s true after some levels the look of buildings should change.

Months ago I already suggested more visual changes when you upgrade buildings, but they ignored it just like everything else. I also would like to see more changes, and why not a new landscape?

I actually think Flare has been surprisingly receptive to input (which is the only reason I’m active on here, I couldn’t care less about the community).

About 50% of the suggestions I’ve made have been implemented: Lightning Tower, Blacksmith, and Dragons.

Whether or not they did it “for me”, I don’t know, but either way they got done, so I’m happy and active…


Lighting Tower (Almost exactly what I suggested!)

Blacksmith (Initially, pretty close to what I suggested; after the second update, much better than what I suggested!)

Dragon (Surprisingly the most different from what I suggested!)


Thanks Maerique for this info. :slight_smile:

It is good to know that all our time we spend to talk about possible new stuff does not fall on deaf ears.  Thanks also that you made the game better.  :wink:

Maybe we all should worry that Flare has listened to Maerique many times  :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. I really want another Castle Gate upgrade cause I thought of something epic I could do with 2 more tile!  :wink:

I agree and I suggest only 3-4 seconds extra time for the attacking king for this upgrade. Please make it worth it!