Time Needed to Declare War

How much time do you need left on the clock in order to declare war against a fief?

It would be nice if there was a FAQ that would address this and other basic war questions that would be pinned and easy to find. Just a suggestion.

You must be a level 1 and brand new in this game? if its not the case O.O you should know already each round in this War its 23h30. What that means? you need at least 23h30 to declare War. Strange Question…O.o

Not a strange question when there is no info here in any FAQ about it. Thank you for the answer. No thanks to the attitude.

Warriornator seems to have this strange complex of superiority. In another topic, he laught at oPelle defensive waves. And if some guy here should deserve all our respect, it’s gotta be oPelle.

Glad to see it’s not me. I was just asking a question.

Sorry I would say you are born later in years 2000 then? that happen today when kid its born after year 90’s. Everybody today are so dependent of FAQ,Wikipedia and walkthrough on Youtube. In my time in 90’s the internet did not exist at all. People was true gamers who discover all by himself. I don’t need a FAQ or video that teach me who to play or how the mechanic work. That why same today I don’t need nobody,no FAQ,no video on Youtube to be very good in a video game. For me sorry to said that but when I see someone ask question like : ‘’ How I attack? ‘’ EXP its for what?’’ or something like ‘’ I am level 10 and cannot beat a level 20 How I do?’’ I cannot stop laughing.

Because of the internet new category come in video game ‘‘Casual Gamer’’ who always need to be taking by hands all long of a video game. That why I laugh when I see your question. Sorry to said that I hate so much Casual Gamer. Because of them we play a Online game or others game and They believe the game its so hard,so difficult and they need each day to look in a FAQ or video on Youtube on how to play each game. C’mon you can discover by yourself all the mechanic of a game and understand by yourself the gameplay and all. Sorry if my answer you don’t like it. I am what I am. I was born with Atari,NES and game boy. I am not in the category of Casual Gamers. For me that kind of question is so stupid

That why maybe my attitude like you said its not like all the others in this world. I hate what video game become today. Because of Casual Gamers who kill video game all the difficulty. Everyone today need Tutorial How to use A button for Jump,after to know B for Crouch or you must talk to a NPC to have Quest.

C’mon don’t said to me you don’t know when you see a hole you have just to jump, when you see a monster you must kill it, Fire weakness its Water,1+1 make 2,etc…

Old video game have up so much my logical today when I play new game, I understand how to play it in 5 minutes or less. Hope you gonna understand my point of view. Its not I am arrogant or superior. Just I have the chance to be born in the best year in the 90’s with NES,SNES and Atari that allow me to be more logical and more smart that the majority of gamers who born in 2000 or 2010 with Playstation 3 or 4,etc…in 90’s no internet,no video, nothing. Everybody have learn to play by himself. I learn to play a game without help or someone taking my hands

That why today when you give a game like Ninja turtle on NES or Mega Man or all other 90’s game. Gamer today cannot complete the game at more 20% or less. Because you born with internet,with FAQ,Video on Youtube. All long of you life you as been taking by hands

Thy why today we have person like you who ask a question first for a banal stuff without try to discover by yourself. I don’t know if all of this you understand maybe not.

for make short my point of view You have people like you each time you are stuck in a video game or don’t know how work something the first thing you think : ‘’ I must go on Internet see a FAQ’’ or OK I go on a forum on I go on Youtube before try to understand the mechanics or something

and you have people like me who was born to play video and understand all stuff by myself with no need of help




what’s your ign warriornator? Just want to see how far you are in this game you learned all about in five minutes.

TL;DR - Defending himself from being arrogant by being arrogant again.

Yes, you’re arrogant. I also have some of those characteristics, but I don’t brag about them on an unnecessary long message just to make someone feel bad.

Yes I do it!!! Exactly what I wanted to show and that work. all of your reaction prove exactly what I was thinking. I’m disappointed to see same in 2016

nothing have change with time. I know you cannot understand what I have said.

Today still people who cannot understand in this world they exist good player and bad players. Hardcore gamer and Casual Gamers

and I’m disappointing to see in 2016 still people who cannot understand my point of view. Each time I have the same reaction

Maybe all of you was born in year 2000 or later. that explain all this weird reaction. I know You cannot understand my point of view

I know all of you defended this guy. All of you are born in the same generation : ‘’ Ask question first and understand the game later’’ and all of you was born with

‘’ I need help each day and I want someone take my hand’’

Its ok I understand don’t need to answer me like this. This guy its a Casual Gamers who are in generations : Ask question first and don’t want to find all by myself’’

its ok I understand Its not my generation that’s all. I respect that just I feel bad to see this each time

You cannot do nothing about it. This kind of question make me laugh

Sorry I answer him and try to explain him but fail that happen sometime its ok.




Exactly, I saw this guy that who  appeared on the forum a couple of days ago and was commentig with such attitude on every thread. Just amazing :slight_smile:

If each time you get the same reaction, maybe you’re the problem ? But hey it’s ok, I know that you cannot understand my superior point of view.

What? same reaction? I am the problem about what? I answer him and just explain they have 2 different people in this world : Casual players who need help and need taking by hands who ask question first and don’t want discover by himself and who need FAQ to play a game and Hardcore gamers who don’t neep help and discover all by himself and never ask question like this. What the hell I do wrong in that? Why all the weird reaction? exactly that I don’t understand

C’mon is easy to understand my point of view. Not hard to understand. I answer him that I found this question stupid because he is a casual gamer who ask question first and don’t want to understand by himself and If I react like this its because I am a hardcore gamer who never need help or follow a FAQ,etc… Not hard to understand. O.O

wow look all this weird reaction. Strange… never mind forgot what I said maybe to hard for you to understand after all. Or its my way to explain it I don’t know. Never mind…


Wait, what? How ? When ? Look at me I’m a hamster !

ok and what its the goal to write this? you are out of this topic. its a topic to answer the guy Time needed to declare Wars and I answer this guy that’s it. Lock this topic and end of conversation. OK I understand you don’t like my comment. OK we cannot be liked by everyone in this world.You have your way to explain thing and I have my way to explain things maybe not always clear or the best way…And for me someone who laugh on someone or say stupid stuff without any sens like you did don’t deserve respect at all.I just explain to him why I react like this. its done. end of this topic…

I just don’t understand what is your problem Warriornator… you don’t wanna help him? So do not help him. You want to help it? So post your answer in a good way. Already say “You must be a level 1 and brand new in this game?” show off your behaviour. You could simply instead say “what you mean exactly? Usually the time is… etc”

And one more reason that you are playing this game you must also know that its “cartoon style” attract more kids, so you have also to foresee that can arrive all kinds of people. Also here don’t think that all are born in 2000…there are more older people than what you think. Moreover if you are good to understand things, good for you! But do not make polemics on others.

You are already out of topic since a bit, talking about Casual Gamers vs Hardcore gamers LMAO

Oh that I’m sorry about this. Well… you right sorry maybe not a good way to answer. I know you right. I don’t think about that when I answer. Yeah true cartoon game that attract kids. you have a good point. Sorry UnevenGiant I forgot about this. i always forgot in Online game can have kids too

thanks OPelle next time I remember that. Its that i like when someone answer you with diplomatie not like all the others


Talking about time. Why not Flaregames give us 24H for each round. Why 23h30? What its the reason of the 30 minutes messing?

Maybe search through entire forum to find an aswer or find out by yourself  ? :slight_smile: Did you check in FAQ ?



Sorry, couldn’t resit

gosh you must be born 2000 onwards to not realize why they do this :rolleyes: