Time of attack gone

Several times got: hero at the gate, have enough time, but… And got defeat suddenly. When it was several seconds, thinking OK, may be never catch time well. But last time has more than a minute and same ***** is coming. Last one was at Odyssey, but before it were on ordinary islands also. Mostly worse, when it is coming during the war strikes.

Recommend how to fix and avoid that.

Playing last version on Android.

Hi mecspb,

Thanks for telling us. Could you please provide more information? What player level do you have? Does the issue only occur with a certain hero? If so, what hero are you using? What gate level dou you have? And how many trophies do you have?

Thanks in advance :grinning:


hi Sasch,

I’m 125 level with 7300 trophies. It is difficult for me to say for all, but for sure it was with Perseus and Hercules. Last one was with Perseus. For gate level, have no idea, just hero was at the end trying to break gate. That time I have more than a minute for sure, no troops reach my gate yet and suddenly got defeat.

hi mecspb,

is it possible, that you gate gets destroid by the enemy troops? this can also happen if you are focussed to much on the fighting… if you are not sure, try to have a look on the bar on top also.

Hi Nan, 

Last one I’m sure and already wrote, that there are no enemy troops near my gate and no bar at all for it. I know that sometimes if never put attention you can lost,  just if your gate is broken. But not that time