Time saving with deleting annnimation of lucky wheel in forge

Hi Flare staffs, one of our members asks if you can cut down the annimation of turning of the lucky wheel in the process of forging? It’s just a tatal waste of time because you could have just given us the result of succuss or failure and we don’t care about the cost of pearls to try to forge again. So you can shorten the annnimation time or just delete it or allow us to skip it. Many thanks.

I actually agree with this. Quite often the wheel goes around 10-15 times before I get the forge. I don’t think it should be taken out completely, cause I like the fun animation, but perhaps it could be shortened a little

Well I don’t see why you should be in a hurry like this. I mean if the forge take 30 seconds or 15 seconds what change? maybe if you have over 100 forges to do I can understand some don’t want to wait long. Maybe in this case give a option to keep it with animated or Just the result. for me this don’t disturb me at all. I don’t care if the wheel turn 10 turn,20 turn or 200 turns. you wait. (if you don’t have patience I can understand)