Time spent playing

Hey guys,

Out of curiosity, do you how much time M4RK QUEIJO (current leader) and other Top 10 players are spending playing per day?

I know Gammal used to play 10 hours (that’s a lot!) last year:


Not top 10, but like 6-7 hours a day? Also almost all autoplay while I do other stuff. Not as much in that window after odysseys and before war though. 

Ofc you’re a top 10. :slight_smile:

I’ve been 15 for a while. There’s a huge gap between 15 and 10. And a huger gap between 10 and 1. I don’t play for trophies, I just grind for gold, so I don’t see myself climbing higher unless someone above me quits.

I also what to know the same @Madlen.

Multiple players are playing with the top account and fg isn’t doing anything about it?

I thought FG bans accounts that are cheating.

Those top accounts are playing non stop or 24*7 which is impossible.

Hi Holydivine,

If you feel players are cheating, please open a thread in the cheat detection forum :slight_smile:

Thank you!


what? why you repeat what HOLYDIViNE have writting? weird? its not your day today apparently lol. You have copy and paste his word. Not answer it. Very weird how you answer today…

maybe somebody play more than 10 hour/day .

but maybe in one device with one account play more people (brother,friend, on college)  So can they play all 24 hour /day NONSTOP