Time to get rid of gate towers strategy

Gate towers have been used to abuse all kinds of events in the game. It is time for a change.


Here are the two most common “abuse”:-


  1. War - Some players with relatively bad defense just need to stack the entire gate with towers, making “defeating” it very easy, but difficult to destroy gate towers. This abuse causes the anomaly where it is more rewarding to just forge 6 towers to be stacked at the gate, as opposed to being hardworking in forging all towers, obstacles AND defensive troops.


  1. Ninja Event Tier - A day prior to Ninja Event, you can see players starting to stack towers at the gate. Sometimes, when you’re supposed to get 5 trophies, raiding with 97 % gets you 2 trophies. Should one get 97% of the total trophy? Even if you round it down, it should give you 4. Hence, it really doesn’t matter if the defense is weak. Due to the fact that offense is overpowered now, stacking towers at the gate to reduce the loss of trophies become a much more viable option. However… is this the direction the game should be heading? That emphasis is not placed genuinely on defense, but on those few towers at the gate?



It is fine if a player is “penalized” for bypassing towers or obstacles in a path and rush toward the gate. However, gate towers itself should not be accounted for if the gate is destroyed. It should be a 100% victory for the raider if he destroys the gate while there are gate towers left.

Would disagree in that stacking at gate is not big deal just limit amount of troops to wage that battle. I have found that these scenarios have enhanced my skill level to take out all towers and gate if need be. 

Yes!  And there are so many more people finally coming out against this!  I’ve been posting against this for years!   Literally years!

I never understood why this decision was made in the first place. It punishes you for approaching the gate with a large army, makes no sense. 

Either get rid of towers near the gate, make troops target towers before they target the gate, or allow the remaining time after defeating the gate to the player to take down anything they missed. C’mon flare…

I must be missing something. Taking down the towers are really no big deal. Keep working on strategies to do so. I have been able to take all 6 towers down in that area with 1 spell.


Imagine 2 scenarios:-


  1. Really good defense without gate towers. Requires LOTS of forging on ALL towers, obstacles AND troops.

  2. Very Very bad defense with lousy forging of defense troops, obstacles, but 6 strong towers stuck at the gate.


Obviously, scenario 1 takes way more time, effort and dedication. However, during war, for the majority, it is much harder to get a higher score against scenario number 2 compared to scenario number 1.


Good for you that you are skillful enough to take out all gate towers consistently, but your own statement itself implies it requires MORE skill to take down scenario number 2 even though scenario number 1 takes more time to build. The problem is the fact that it is counter productive to have better defense, the issue isn’t about the impossibility of taking down all gates. You being skillful is a good thing, but is besides the point.

Trust me it is a big deal Gate Towers are pivotal to the planning of high level defenses.  If it weren’t a big deal it wouldn’t be pivotal.

Yes, agree that scenario 2 takes more time and can be difficult. I actually like it when there are plenty of things boosted that are tossed at you from the gate also. If you have the right gear it makes it easier to accomplish. What is really hard is when the gate is weak with high HP towers and you kill the gate before towers. One thing that I have seen and use is the fact that defensive troops will ignore the king for the most part and head out of that area towards the tent. To practice just find lower level players that have loaded that area and practice. I do use mummies as a shield also.

I seriously doubt they will restrict this area since then people will say you should not load the start of path. Which I have seen some wicked ass stuff the whole 5 seconds that my king was alive during those raids. I just laugh and move on till I can defeat them. 

I don’t want it restricted.

I just want all my time allotted to destroy any gate towers!

If I take down the gates, but towers are still standing and I have 30 seconds on the clock I should have those thirty seconds to take out all the towers!

That does not sound bad except for how do you deal with player getting whacked in the process?

Sorry I’m not sure what you’re asking?

(If I take down the gates, but towers are still standing and I have 30 seconds on the clock I should have those thirty seconds to take out all the towers!) 

After the gate falls and you are in process of trying to take out the last towers and your king dies what should happen then? 

Since you agree scenario 2 takes more time and is more difficult, then it is inherently a problem because scenario 2 is way easier to build. A game that rewards less effort is an anomaly.

Your logic is flawed. If every base was setup in that scenario it would be a matter of weeks that anyone and everyone would be able to exploit the inherent weaknesses of the defense in this game. The game is skewed that way to make more money. No win no play. 

In fact my base is a straight layout with towers and crap all the way around just so people can practice. There is no point to change it until I get all of them maxed out as anyone knows who is free player takes a long time. I do make changes within that setup to make it interesting and cause a psychological affect on alliances that I am attacking. I am  focused on getting that little king turd maxed out in levels and a good sets of gear for the guy to raid in. Which takes forever also as anyone knows. 

My main plan is that I fight with the weakest king in gear that I have. This makes me become a better player with skills. If situation comes along that I need to move one step up in king and gear to win something I do with ease. I always have my strongest king in constant reserve where I am usually dulling out the friggin 220 bread for a raid. Which is not often. After I hit the 130 level I will then start looking at the alliance war stuff and all the boosts which means that in theory if I can beat all this boosted crap with my weakest king and non boosted stuff means hell is on its way.

This is precisely why everyone (excelt you, apparently :grinning: ) hates gate towers. A very very weak gate that will fall after half of an unforged sonic blast surrounded by snake/basilisk towers with extreme HP. The issue isn’t about not getting killed by towers, it’s about dealing damage ONLY to towers and nothing else while your troops will happily hack at the gate as soon as they’re in the clearing despite there being other targets and against your will. If I can’t pick specific targets for my dumb army then I should at least be able to tell them to stop doing anything while I play with the towers. And summoning just enough troops so that’d they all die after clearing the path and before reaching the gate is absurd (not to mention unkingly, unless you’re King Asswad :stuck_out_tongue: ). If it’s a solo raid game then it shouldn’t have offensive troops in the first place, if it has them then it means it’s an army raid game and as such the idea is to bring out hordes of troops to kick everybody’s butt, not kill your own troops so that you can kill that one specific tower.

Gate Towers really weren’t a big deal until they added the Basilik Tower, making it almost impossible to get 100% if a player has 2 of them by the gate

Actually, it is easier to get 100% if there are basilisk tower near gate. Heavily forged bomb and snake towers by the gate is lot harder to kill. 

If it was a new game i would agree totally gate towers aren’t a good design.

But at this stage the game is balanced around having gate towers, and removing them would requiring more balancing than I think flare can get correct - not to mention the amount of tears that will come due to nerfs.
Also given you keep saying offence is overpowered right now, removing gate towers will make offence even stronger.