Time to get rid of this sin in Uber Chests

This should NEVER be in an Uber Chest, EVER! Getting Uber Pearls is literally the WORST Uber Prize you can ever get! Leave a like if you want to either remove Uber Pearl Rewards or make Uber Chests automatically hold Uber ITEMS!

better than an uber ring/belt/shoes worth 26 pearls …

It’s fine. With the amount of uber chests we get it’s not a  biggie. Uber gems are better than any item :grinning:

Correct , uber gems are the best reward.

Gems are better than gems? ?

I used to like that when I didn’t have my blacksmith maxed. 100 pearls is much better than getting a useless uber item worth 30-80 pearls.

Nowadays, with 8 slots, getting uber pearls in an uber chest is kind of annoying, but it’s not that big a deal.

if Flare want to give Uber Pearls in Uber Chest they should up the number. 100 is ridiculous maybe up at 500 minimum. I will be happy to receive this in my future game :slight_smile:

Agreed. something like 500 is reasonable

Same goes for pearls on CoF, third open chest should give at least 200, not just 100 at most. Also second chest usually gives 3 pearls and that’s just dumb.

Or most of time 1 pearl  :lol: because flare like to troll you even in CoF

Cannot agree more.

Max 100 pearls in 3rd chest is pointless really.

Today i got a legendary chest from daily reward, it gives me only one reward ,

I don’t know if your problem is the same but I remember in the past the video ads loops create this kind of problem. You watch it the video and if you opened the chest just after you receiver just 1 reward but in reality that was just a visual bug, If you look carefully you see later you have received all gems,pearls and gold,etc… just delayed

Same thing happened what you said , i collected daily reward legendary chest and watched a video , opened the daily reward chest and got 1 legendary item (43gems) and chest disappeared, and i don’t know that more rewards are added or not because i not remember the previous amount of stuffs?.