Time to Nerf Fritz

After everything else has been nerfed, surely Fritz must be next?

Fritz is a free Pal and not a Pro Pal and this group should all be about the same strength.

Some Pals can be played better, some worse, the question is :rr2fritz:is really much better than others?
There are more then one strong free pal.

Other normal pals should be boosted and not the other way around.

That’s why Fritz feels good, because pals like: Eldrak, Nidhogg, Growl(even after the buff!)… are still too bad!

Strange isn’t it tho, that loads of players are using Fritz all of a sudden. No troops single raids… really needs nerfing

Fritz has always been highly used by most solo players.

It’s usage has actually been decreased lately, since Nemesis is now the top choice.

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Ahh ok, i know loads that still prefer it over nemesis. Just a thought, they both need nerfing as they are both way to strong compared to any others…

You really didn’t read my answer before, regarding other pals…

Anyway, it’s fine. I respect your opinion and agree to disagree :wink:

My apologies, i did read it. Just didn’t respond quite right bro. Lots still use it but as you have clearly and quite rightly stated, Nemesis is now the top choice. As you also clearly stated the other pals should be boosted in line with this. My sincere apologies for any confusion

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It’s actually the opposite: a lot of players are dropping Fritz at an high rate, since the Donkey was severely nerfed.
Fritz was never OP, the problem is that most pals are useless in offense.

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