Time to nerf Nemesis

Isn’t it about time this got nerfed? After all everything else has been!!!

Nemesis is a target for active players and costs 150k crystals.
You get something special for it, so Nemesis shouldn’t be changed anymore.

I am against a nerf.

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They should take the healing out, then it’ll be more balanced. The healing puddle belongs to Phoebe pal. Phoebe has it as an ability with cooldown, but Nemesis has it as one of its auto-attack. This doesn’t make any sense at all.

Nemesis shooting 5 devastating bombs that can infect and confuse is already extremely powerful. If it’s an offensive pal, then Flare should take out the defensive feature of the pal.

Then make another pro pal with 150k crystals that have defensive feature instead.

It’s silly to pack everything into one pal and think it is balanced.


What would be silly is first buff it (because nobody was buying it), and then nerf it again after a lot of people have spend their crystals on it…


is it about balance?
I think we have already discussed this under the nemesis dragon buff.
and came to the conclusion that this was not right, and that there are many points that need to be corrected.
but nemesis is not in the 1st place on this list!
now you can break any base, even without the help of nemesis. Does this bother you?
hands removed from nemesis. and thoughts too!!
this is a pal who is expensive and buying it becomes much more pleasant to play.


Discussion? yes.

Conclusion? No.

The previous thread was about buffing Nemesis. OP now creates another one to discuss about nerfing it. Nothing wrong with it.

We are all giving our opinions objectively with respect.

So yes, feel free to disagree, as I am also free to say that it is incorrect to say that a conclusion was made.

Furthermore, I’m only asking for the heal to be removed (or significantly nerfed). Why? The reason is simple. All of Nemesis bombs are like lesser version of another pal’s ability. It can confuse like Aki, but Aki can confuse better. It can create ghost units like Nidhogg, but obviously lesser morale points.

The list goes on, except for one thing. The blessing heal. The bomb shoots heal puddles equivalent of Phoebe’s ability with cooldown, with a lot more frequency. The healing factor is the same as Phoebe where touching the puddle with your hero gets your hero to full health, just like Phoebe. This means that, while the other bomb effects do not make other pals redundant, the heal bomb makes Phoebe pal redundant. Why make heal puddle with Phoebe that has a cooldown when Nemesis can shoot heal bombs so much faster?

That’s the point I’m trying to make. Again, feel free to disagree.

I respect you and your opinion.
but I look at nemesis a little differently.
what if you look at it as an improved version of phoebe, and confusion and other abilities as a bonus?
It is this ability to heal that helps a lot. the rest is not that important.
but you want him to be deprived of this ability?
then what will make nemesis special?

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If I were to look at that, then Phoebe would be absolutely redundant. A good game is one where there’s variation. It would’ve been if Nemesis is a combination of many different pals’s ability with lesser intensity. Imagine if it can confuse better than Aki, than Aki would be redundant. If it can cast black magic better than Nidhogg than Nidhogg would be redundant.

By that logic, it shouldn’t have a better version of healing puddle compared to Phoebe.

Nemesis will still be special even without the healing abilities because it can do so many things, just with lesser intensity.

It’s the reason why Ceres has battlecry effect but way weaker than Howl and Growl. Growl has battlecry effect too but weaker than Howl itself too. This is because Ceres and Growl has a different combination of abilities. Howl, who specialises in battlecry, obviously has the strongest battlecry effect among the three.

It’s a mix and match variation that creates depth in the game.

Nemesis is the only one sticking out like a sore thumb, where despite having a long list of combination, still has better heal puddles than Phoebe who is supposed to specialise in it.

you talk about the combination as a good things and at the same time you want to remove a heal ability.
remove the confusion, because she infringes on Akki.
I do not understand

why not make healing ability weaker? why do you want to get rid of her?

The cure of phoebe should also be eliminated. It is quite strong, although you can kill him, but no point of comparison. Time is wasted with Phoebe and the castle gate is not always reached by the annoying cure. Phoebe without healing, is still very strong.

so let’s remove the phoebe ability

Surely he has an enemy with nemesis that is making his life impossible. lol, lol, lol.

Not sure what’s not clear about my post. I said it’s fine that Nemesis has some of Aki’s abilities to confuse because Aki’s ability to confuse is so much better. Therefore, Aki is not redundant. Anyone who wants to have a pal that focuses on confusion can pick Aki instead.

However, Nemesis has heal puddles better than Phoebe when Phoebe is supposed to specialise in it. Why would your conclusion be to remove this ability from Phoebe instead?

Sure, if you want it to be weaken instead of removing it, then I suggest that Nemesis heal puddle only heals about 4k hp, which is about 20% of a King’s hp, instead of fully healing the King.

Why 20%? Well, Nemesis has 5 bombs, and each bomb has its own effect. So each bomb should deal 20% of its original intensity. Therefore, 20% of what Phoebe can heal sounds just about right.

Why would my life be impossible because of a game?

In any event, I’m sure I won’t have any problems facing newbies like you who can’t even defeat Phoebe Beast =)

bla, bla, bla, bla ohhhhhh

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Love to read it:)

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I have Phoebe and I defeat him with one hand on his back, but you have to be honest and noble, and you are not. You only speak from your selfish point. Having phoebe, I wish they would take away the healing, but you don’t want to, because you just look at your selfishness.

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Hey guys,
Please stop the whole “I am better than you - thing”.

No need for popcorn drama here, although I sure like to eat popcorn. But rather with a good movie and not with drama and personal insults! :popcorn:



I think, other pals that are no longer used by users should be changed first.
Thats a lot of work … finetuning can be done later