Time to nerf Nemesis



Wow, i was just commenting from the fact allies are telling all to save for this and then we will be stronger. The game shouldn’t be about one item/beast it should be balanced and constructive. Nothing should be based on any single item. If this is the only thing that all are striving for, then the whole game has completely lost its way. Whether a free player or not this has nothing to do with that. I just asked the question…nerf it now pls lol…

Taking out the heal puddle completely doesn’t make sense at all. Nemesis is the combination of all celestial pal powers and of course combination of all celestial pal cost. But lacuna has a point too, nemesis cast blessing too often. What could be a better solution may be is either let nemesis cast a blessing with MORE(yeah really more) hp(for every 10s) or let nemesis cast blessing with lower hp like 4k for every bomb! Just a suggestion!

Nemesis only throw bombs when it’s still standing,not travelling or following hero so it’s ability is not active all the time like kaiser and also nemesis have to be surrounded by enemy troops/towers to be able to throw bomb and as nemesis also has very little range,so hero also will be surrounded by enemy units if want to keep nemesis active.also it’s speed of throwing bomb is slow,so it’s not like you’re surrounded by lot of enemy with wolf and nemesis blessing can overpower damage hero takes,it helps bit though but have to be careful.As you compared with phoebe,phoebe has big offensive power,it’s beast’s attack range with pal flute is 10.0,it’s like using a scroll and if you’re around phoebe it sure will heal,and hero also doesn’t have to be take much damage as hero can stay behind and get blessing cause of big 10.0 range,while to get blessing from nemesis,hero had to be surrounded by enemy to be able to keep nemesis active and take lot of damage cause of less range.it also makes sense as it was hardest pal to get and cost of nemesis is 150k crystals compared to phoebe 20k.i get your point though,just comparing,putting facts.

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Well for now I don’t know about its Powers to nerf or not.

But one thing which we need seriously to remove is abilities animation. When there are enemy troops, only then animation should flash not everytime even when he is hitting the towers and obstacles. That just disturbs a lot. Only Blessing animation should be seen.

This will also make Hidden Treasure to see easily when they’ll fall from that.

I hope it’ll help and make a great change to him.

You singled out the Blessing effect, but your argument can be applied to any of the 5 effects.

I’d rather not have the Confusion effect at all.
Removing any other effect wouldn’t be a bad idea too.

Blessing should not be removed since it is the main effect.

yes i 100% agree,although i think they just try to make nemesis attack cool by those animations,but don’t make sense if we can’t see things properly and it was case on my tablet,god know what on mobile small screens on which most players plays,so need to do some about this,sometimes hero’s hp also hidden under those animations.either make it go or replace it by something less,or make it transparent or something.

I didn’t single it out. I did explain that all other effects Nemesis has are weaker than the other pals’ counterpart, i.e. Aki does confusion much better. Nidhogg obviously also cast black magic better than the bomb effect Nemesis has.

The only exception is the blessing effect where it is doing a way better job than Phoebe when that is exactly all that Phoebe does.

I do concede if removing is too drastic, at least making it weaker (either less healing, or less frequent) than Phoebe, as all other bomb effects are weaker than the original pal that specialises in it.

very interesting


Yes strange… but true lol…

I’m just asking for pals to be balanced out thats all :)))))

For example Ceres was awesome…but got nerfed? Why?

Nemesis is awesome…well nerf it then lol

Sure, quote only one small portion of my posts, then claim I didn’t mention about the other effects.

You must work in the media line lol

Ceres still here
Need just to have level 10

Most of the users asked it buff it for more than 2 years and once it got buffed , now we want it to get nerfed.

IMO always nerfing something is not good for game. Game should be stable. Runes have been implemented. So increase the defence to counter the Nemesis. I do believe nemesis is powerful but nerfing will surely affect the reputation of flare.


Most prior thing we need is stop shaking of screen while attacking and abilities animation of nemesis. It just disturbs the attack & game. It is too flashy and coloured. You can’t see in that particular area. That’s what we need first.


I believe that because the Nemesis Pal is so expensive above all other Pal’s
Then it should be unique to all other Pal’s and because of that it should hold on to all of it’s ability. I think :thinking: it shouldn’t be nerf. And I think it makes sense that it has all those abilities. If you look at it in this way that it’s last Pal on the list so it should have a combination of all or some of the other pal’s abilities and costing so much it should. Anyway FG has given us the Runes now, so collect and add them to your defence items to combat Nemesis and others, Also adding a new Pal costing even more than Nemesis with I hope even more abilities sounds interesting, So guys please chill


See this… Because of his current range, he was attacking a spike right there. And I moved all the way place there and he was still near the Entry region. I died and then resurrected beacuse of that. NOW IT IS REALLY SUCKING. DO SOMETHING FAST FLARE.

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Me? Work in media? Lol no way…:joy::joy:

Was a simple post to be honest.

Any game should be fair and honest. Nemesis in my opinion gives an unfair advantage.

Pro boosts also give an unfair advantage. Still it’s no reason to nerf them.


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