Time to nerf Nemesis

I guess he’s waiting for King to Pick him up.
That’s seriously need to be considered. If you want to die with help of strongest Pal.

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In my opinion, if someone spends that much time doing PL and saves that many crystals to buy Nemesis, why should they be penalized for it, especially since everyone complained to get him buffed? It takes a long time to get those crystals, so yes, Nemesis should be a pet/beast/whatever that is above and beyond the others. If someone is having difficulties beating that little guy, practice, read up on what works, and practice some more, just like everyone else. What I do agree with, however, is minimizing some of those special effects (like the screen shaking) as it truly does effect game play, especially for us windows players, but leave the little guy alone and let him stay as is…let him earn those crystals.