Time to uninstall the game

I have done everything to fix the multi touch problem on my Android mobile. I have posted on forums and i got a ticket still there is no use and no one is caring about this problem. From the past 5 days i lost many trophies even i lost pl raids also. So, Due to this problem iam not able to enjoy this game. Its time to say goodbye to the game. 

Same Problems here. Also Android


What’s the problem? Also what devices? Im on Android and didnt notice anything that broken when I played.

you must read in Bugs and Problem section problem about multi touch. Huge number of people are affected by this and make the game unplayable for them. Since 4.0 Flare don’t have answer or say they gonna fix it. So that why some start to be really frustrated and can be result they leaving the game like mohan975

 I’ve heard about multitouch issues before but I’ve never been able to figure exactly what was meant. I’ll take a look over in the bugs section. 

@Warriornator actually, can you link me to a thread? Having trouble finding one that says anything about multitouch

probably you will find all the post in 4.0 Megathread. I think its there I see them. The multi touch problem if I understand well its like Lacuna have describe. the player touch the screen but nothing. they must click 10,20,30 times before the king start to reacted. So during a raid of 3 minutes that kind of problem its annoying. The touch screen don’t respond well

Mohan, Same thing with me, I’m using android too… Just like you i lost many trophies but not played pl yet due to this…

I will leave too If my ticket gone waste as i can’t do pl until they fix the problem cause it will ruin my monthly score…

I filed a complaint but nothing yet?

Same problem also screen so unresponsive after New update

Good luck looking through pages and pages of bugs @QuantumApocalypse   

Ahh okay. It sounds like hardcore input lag, which I’ve experienced but not any worse than about a second. Make sure your devices aren’t overheating or that you’re not accidentally touching another part of the screen; sometimes even if you’re just close and not touching it, android will read your finger’s heat and register it as a touch. 

If you tend to sweat a lot while attacking, that may do it as well  

I am on android and there is a serious lag, usually at the start of a raid, troop buttons unresponsive. Lag can last anywhere between 3 - 5 seconds. Is not from new update, have been experiencing this for last few months.

Certainly a strange bug since I think it’s a Google API (code made by google that flare can use) for getting input.

The Android issue is on our list, that’s why it is listed in the 4.0 Bugthread. As soon as we have more informations about the problem and/ or a fix, I’ll update the thread.

Et le problème du blocage pendant 6 heures!?!?

No problem take your own time coz i have uninstalled the game 

Exactly. Flare take your time its not urgent take your own time. Take 7 month if needed its not urgent. Sit in a chair and drink on a beach to profit of the sun. during this time player uninstall the game. Don’t worries Flare will give probably a update fix in 1 year if we are lucky. People cannot play it but its not urgent. like ads problem who take 3 month to fix…wait no its not fix its still broken…wait its more broken than before. People still wait for a fix for video