Time to Work Weekends

Flare has demonstrated an inability to produce bugless and flawless games and events, and yet insists on having events – ninja, war, festivals, etc. – during weekends when they do not staff the office.

I love that Europe and Germany have generous days off for their workers, and wish we had a similar regard for staff here in the United States. 

But you could stagger staff hours so that there are always people in the office able to respond to flawed implementation of your games, with some people working Sun-Thurs, some Mon-Fri, some Tues to Sat, etc.

A company interested in providing a good gaming experience for its customers would provide consistent support across all days. A company that consistently has massive failures like the app-failures this weekend and doesn’t provide that support shows they care about our money and not us.

They usually don’t reply to our posts in the forum.

@PicklePete, perhaps one or two hours on Saturday, but not Sunday. To me, I think everybody should have the entire weekend off

I would agree, except that Flare operates special game functions - - ninja, festival, wars, etc. - - on weekends and they have regular flaws. 

If they want weekends off, don’t offer buggy products on weekends. 

Don`t tell this the emergency services! :wink: