Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

Time warp is probably THE most used scroll in the game. Other scrolls don’t even come close to the usefulness of Time Warp.


I know it costs gems, but compare scroll to scroll, Time Warp is just way better than any other scroll.


Some suggestions for Balance:-


  1. Have Time Warp’s slow factor reduced to the same level of Toxic Cloud (hey, battlecry scroll has better effect than wolf’s howl? No? Then why time warp as a scroll has more slowdown than toxic cloud?)


  1. Time Warp no longer slows down the timer, just like toxic cloud.

I say as long as players have to use scrolls to get through my base I’m fine with that. The only problem here is the gems used by the attacker to the gems received by the defender ratio. Right now we get what, 1 gem per scroll, maybe 2? That price needs to drastically go up

Dude why?? 

Better suggestion, buff the rest of the scrolls.


  • Cost gems
  • Why use them when you can get the effect via pal or magic?



  1. Other scrolls cost gems too but they are nowhere near as good as Time Warp. It’s obviously imbalance.

  2. There’s no pal with “toxic cloud” effect.

  3. Duration of slowdown on Time Warp is very long so it is definitely still superior to Toxic Cloud if nerf is implemented.

  4. If you use scroll, you can choose not to equip toxic cloud and you can use some other spells.


  1. Buffing the rest could balance the spell pool.

  2. Pal or magic

  3. Should be stronger, it costs gems per cast.

  4. Even if is considered as a 4th magic slot, it cost gems per cast.

Rebuttal to reply no.1:-

Any nerf to scrolls is a direction AWAY from “pay-to-win”. Buffing the rest of the scrolls instead of nerfing Time Warp is a direction TOWARD pay-to-win.


Rebuttal to point no.2:-

There’s no other scroll that cannot be found in pal or magic, EXCEPT time warp. You have Howl and Ceres for battlecry, Phoebe for Armageddon and Blessing, Aska for Summoning, Janus for Portal etc… but there’s NO pal or spell that could slow down the timer of the raid.


If one day they have a pal that can have the same effect as TIME WARP, same slowdown intensity and slows down the timer, that pal will be super overpowered. Why? Because Time Warp is indeed overpowered.


Rebuttal to point no.3:-

It is stronger. Longer duration. Every other scrolls have similar function with longer duration too, like Battlecry and Portal.


Rebuttal to point no.4:-

So does every other scroll, but Time Warp is the only one overpowered. Nerfing it is the only solution. Buffing other scrolls lead to rebuttal point no.1

  1. Is the opposite, if you nerf the time warp the game will go towards pay to win, is already being used to win the raids, is probable that more casts will be required after the nerf and the raid will cost more for them. By buffing or balancing the rest of the spells the players willing to use spells could consider to use the rest.

  2. If the spell is matched with magic then if should be considered as a 4th slot with gem cost per use. Although warp rift boosted mummies have timewarp, probably was as rare as having an aska for a portal. You are assuming that timewarp is overpowered but is required by many to win raids, that could only prove that the rest of spells or the offence are underpowered.

  3. It is stronger, it should be because of the costs.

  4. I don’t have time to run an in-depth analysis of strength comparison, but at first glance Timewarp is not the only spell that is stronger than its counter part in pal or magic, for example, Armageddon requires to equip Phoebe and the Flute, replacing 2 elements of the offence. The Portal spell last 30s, Aska’s portal last 5s-6s?

YES! All scrolls are more powerfull  than the equivalent spell or pal! A wolf’s howl, for example, will give a cannon 7 boosted shots, while battlecry will give 30 shots!

Not exactly true. Players that use scrolls to win will keep needing them, but they will have to use more of them. So it just makes the “pay-to-win” more expensive

Toxic Cloud’s slowdown perk is the Time Warp version for a spell. But that’s the best effect in the game, so it’s adjusted to let players use it for free and on a low cooldown

It doesn’t require a proper location or situation to be used, casting it anywhere and anytime will help, so it had to be balanced properly
It’s still Time Warp, but with less slowdown duration, less slowdown effect and no effect on the timer, because slowing down the timer every 10s would be broken.

Not quire sure what you mean with this statement. If you’re talking about the duration, that’s established. All scrolls have better duration than their spell counterpart. However, if you’re talking about how much faster the battlecry can boost the cannons, i.e. it isn’t just the duration that’s superior but the “intensity” too, then I’m not sure. Flare doesn’t really give our these kind of information. 

there is a suggestion,battle time correction

sorted by medal

801-900 +5s

901-1000 +10s

1001-1100 +15s

1101 +20s


Medals can be manipulated.


Besides, why should high medal base have a disadvantage? That sounds counter productive as a game. The more you build the worse your base become.

This sounds very much like the phoebe complaint since nearly everyone uses it then it must be op and needs a nerf. I personally think it’s fine the way it is and in some cases it is the difference between losing and winning. I agree that if nerfed harshly would cause the game to become more p2w because more gems would be required at that point.

With due respect, that’s a very flawed analogy.


In Phoebe’s case, some are saying it’s overpowered, some are saying it’s trash. It has mixed reviews. In fact, probably only 10% of players above 5k trophies are using Phoebe.


In Time Warp’s case, not a single player is saying it is trash. In fact, everyone here in this thread agrees that Time Warp is more powerful than other scrolls. It remains as the most useful scroll from beginning to the highest trophies players. The only difference is, whether, despite being the most powerful and most commonly used scroll, there should be a balancing, and if so, whether it should be nerfed or other scrolls should be buffed.

With all due respect as well I don’t think using the top 1% of players in the game as a reference is a fair comparison to even the 4k-4500k range player. It’s pretty well known that very few alliances that have phoebe (especially level 2 or higher) don’t use it unless they have a maxed howl.

Now as far as time warp being the most useful, what is wrong with that? Why does it need a change? Why can’t it just be left alone? What great impact will it have on the game compared to if it went untouched?

As I progressed through the game I began to use time warp more and more to where I now see it as integral but in the beginning time wasn’t as necessary as damage so Armageddon was much more popular for me.

Don’t Nerf it flare. Although I rarely use it as I’m on mid tier trophies, I like the way it now. If you nerf it, I’m sure you will get a lot of complaint and rant (me include). Thanks.

May be flare can insert a button which selecting easy, normal, hard, and pro game mode. so “PRO” can enjoy yourself. thanks.

don’t make changes based on yr own opinion or situation only, think about others.

Nerf most used is the trend…???

Nerf everything then.Because,whatever is used next will be the most used.

Use it for some months and then Nerf them.

Keep doing it every few months and game becomes very good?

Seems like @LacunaC still havent played with fritz… )) Im still waiting a fritz nerf idea.

Hmm? what does this topic have to do with Fritz? I know Fritz is powerful, but how is this relevant to the topic?