Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

raids are hard already when attacking max tower and traps base especially with 5000 tier above, even when using fritz every now and then user is bound to use some gems if you want to keep trophies. how much are you willing to spend during wars when hitting top players in war ?



No, time warp should stay the same, why? Simple its a special scroll designed to help players with not so good offensive rating to have a chance beating players with better defense rating, the name of the scroll is time warp, hence the effect should be both slowdown of troops and time, since the word “time” is in the spell. 

defense is already hard enough after the update playing in top alliances during season wars COST A LOT  OF GEMS  if you want to maximize skulls you take by attacking top 1-3 players in the alliances.

basically its already leaning to pay to win since the update, if you’re a serious player that is competitive. nerf offense will cut the last thread for free to play players and this game will be pay to win. 

No relevant. Im just waiting for this idea and you are the best one to do so

Scrolling is not a bad thing. Just need to adapt ? It allows me to finish my raids by ? 

Since when have scrolls been part of a pay to win feature? They aren’t P2W at all! The game isn’t forcing you to use gems in a battle, the player decides when to use the scroll! It’s not the game that made you use it, you just attacked a hard base. If you can’t win a battle without using scrolls then maybe you should drop down a few tiers. In my opinion, Time Warp, or any other scroll for that instance, doesn’t need a nerf in any way, shape, or form. Using scrolls SHOULD help you in battle. There are many scrolls that I feel are very under-powered, Armageddon being one of them. It is nearly useless, even at my level!

LOL since when a scroll become a problem in the game? The first time I hear a complain about a scroll in 4 years. You don’t like it then don’t use it.Simple like this. If we hear the 1% of person here who always ask for nerf. RR2 had become died just 1 year after his creation. Its stunning to see complain and non sense demand on this forum since 4 years. Nerf a Pal its too strong, hey Flare nerf Toxic Cloud its too strong, hey Flare nerf all scrolls too much OP, hey Flare nerf all towers in defense too OP, hey Flare nerf all Pro items too much OP, hey Flare nerf Dungeon too much OP,etc… never end… always someone to ask for nerf when its not always the same one.its the main reason why a beta game like RR2 and MMORPG online always die after a while. The majority of time maybe at 100% of time if Top players who kill a game and its a fact no doubt on this 

The boring person cannot realise they don’t like the game anymore and just need to quit and leave no they will ask useless stuffs for I don’t know which reason. Nerf,Nerf and Nerf for i don’t know which reason. Over years I play online game i notice they just think about themself and are selfish and don’t think never about the others. its this kind of person who kill a games.  Its normal after 3 years or more you find the game boring and nothing in the game make you have fun. The level of your satisfactory drop over year. So its normal you find a game super boring after max all. You can delete it and restart from 0 and have fun again

C’mon demand for nerf scrolls like Time Warp? After its gonna be what? nerf Mummy Time Warp? Nerf again toxic Cloud to the ground? nerf all slow down items on Pro?,etc… People who demand nerf non stop you don’t think RR2 its already on the ground like this and cannot get up? no need to have RR2 more in a dead state. RR2 is already K.O.No thanks.Think twice about a nerf

I thanks Flare for not listen Phoebe nerf and don’t have do any change about it. So i hope again Flare will not do anything about future nerf and ignore them. 1 Person don’t represent the community remember this Flare. You must have at least 60% or over who agree.

In my opinion the discussion was opened keeping in mind the amount of gems a defender gets when a raider use scrolls. Most people use time warps to clear strong bases and cz of this the defender gets only meagre gems. Indirectly defenders wants to be rewarded in a better way , with time warp u get only 2 gems for one and even less proposionately with more time warps, check my other post where i just get 5 gems when the raider used 3 time warps. So it more like the same problem, if defender is awarded like 50% instead of the current 13% , people wil not complain that timewarp is OP. 

Since always, scrolls is the definition of pay to win.

if using gems to win a raid = pay to win

so therefore

spending money on the game = pay to play?

The first post made no mention of gems a defender gets when using scrolls, the subject and opening post clearly state the intention, Time Warp is overpowered and should be nerfed.

Time Warp along with all the other scrolls are exactly what they should be, for emergency use and for defeating bases that could not be beat with normal means. The only thing that was changed was switching the cost for certain scrolls from pearls to gems. Prior to the blacksmith and forging, the only way to earn pearls was by using gems, with those pearls you were allowed to use certain scrolls (if I recall correctly it was the last 3 scrolls, portal, time warp and armageddon).  Why else would there be two spells almost identical in payload, apocalypse and armageddon?

If the true intent is to emphasis the weakness of the other scrolls in comparison, then why not start the subject as such.  Ask for the other scrolls to be BUFFED instead of NERFING a scroll to limit it’s use. Asking again for yet another NERF by Flare will only lead to more players leaving this game.


If i had to guess… 


… It’s because he can beat most defenses most of the time without scrolling, while most people can’t even beat his defense without scrolling (a little time warp scroll will probably do the trick). 

So he wants to nerf what’s enabling people from beating him, giving him an even bigger advantage over most people. 

That would be my guess anyway. 


It’s the same reason a few guys (mostly from the top5 alliances, ofc) were so welcoming of the senseless 4.0 offense nerf. 


And that’s a bad thing? If players could defeat my base, good for them. But now, with Time Warp, even if you can’t, you can just spam it at the start till the end of the raid, making it an absolute pay-to-win feature.


It’s fine if there’s some pay-to-win feature in the game, but no one here in this very thread is denying that Time Warp is overpowered (Most here just don’t want this pay-to-win feature to be nerfed so they can continue abusing it). Giving it to rich players who can just spam 5-6 time warps in a single raid just absolutely makes the game a don’t-need-to-raid-properly-just-spam-time-warp game. Since you made your guess, I’ll make mine too. I’m guessing Lukas here is the lukas from RL, known to be the home for many rich players. Of course he wouldn’t like a pay-to-win feature to be nerfed.


As per your last comment on balance, even you did some raids on my base, with successes and failures. It shows it’s balanced. You raid properly, you succeed. You make mistakes you lose the raid. This is how a balanced gameplay is. Prior to 4.0, anyone at the bottom can raid top 10 on the leaderboard, make tons of mistakes, and still win.



p.s. Of course ideally it would be fun if no scrolls are allowed at all during war, as it would change the sentiment of “this is an important war, spend as much gems as needed so we can win” to “this is an important war, pick your opponents and raid carefully”. BUT, I don’t expect this to be implemented by Flare for obvious reasons.

There is one more solution to this problem. Limit the timewarp usage to 2 timewarps per raid. This one raiders wil start using other scrolls or wil raid carefully. With 5-6 time warps no skill is involved, its jst plain silly raid in slow motion. As Lacuna pointed out, uaing so many timewarps favours only rich players, a normal player always choose and raid carefuly

Listen, when push comes to shove, VL players will always beat you because they have the gems. That’s just the truth. I’ve seen battle logs in good (not great!) sub-5000 trophy defenses and the gem spending is insane. But the reality is this: no matter what it takes, they will win the raid (props to VL). The gem cost does not matter.

However, if you nerf anything about it, they will figure out an alternative, they will keep spending whatever it takes and win the raid.

In the end, the only ones who will suffer from such a nerf are the free (and mostly free) players, the ones who sometimes need a scroll once to beat someone from a stronger alliance.


It was never about that.

Yes, there are alternatives to the pre 4.0 nerf combos.

But just because people found ways around it, it doesn’t mean the nerf was done well. It wasn’t, it was excessive (Ceres’s 15 morale is a perfect example of this).

It’s in the past now anyway.


Ah… see, that would be a whole different ball game. I would actually like to try one war like that. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, pay-to-win? Every game in which you can buy an advantage with real money is a pay-to-win game. You didn’t start playing RR2 yesterday. Suddenly TW becomes the biggest problem and the symbol of pay-to-win??? Really??? C’mon! You’re a smart guy, you don’t believe it yourself! You’re just angry that a few guys beat your base and your ego is hurt. Ok, I accept that there are players who’ve been playing for a long time and are very strong without ever having bought gems. But how many of them are there? Anyone can say “I don’t buy” – but only Flare and that player know the truth. I understand that you never spent a cent on RR2 and now stand for all the poor of the world. Kudos to you.

It’s hard to establish who actually pays more to win: those who use a few TWs during battle, or those who spend huge amounts of purchased gems on pearls for forging. If spent gems did not give pearls, if we couldn’t speed up forging with gems, etc., then maybe the discussion about not using scrolls during war would make sense. Let’s first retract all forges gained with purchased gems before returning to this discussion. The way things are now, the idea of prohibiting scroll use during wars sounds rather amusing.


We have to remember that increasing the number of TWs used during battle is connected to overpowered defense and bad matchmaking during wars and conquest, as well as to bugs and lags. It would seem that solving these issues is urgent, not a nerfing of TW. Who knows, maybe resolving these problems would be better than nerfing TW even for all the poor of the world?

I totally agree that the amount of diamonds for the defender should be higher. I really like your idea of 50%. Of course, Flare will never agree to that. But only 2 TW? Any further ideas of that kind? I suppose no reviving, 2 (ok, 2 and a half) Armageddons… What about Blessing? None? 1? C’mon…

Exactly! ?

There is one more solution to this. Rewards should increase sequentially. Like 13% of gems for first timwarp goes to defender, for second it can be increased to 20%, for third it should be 25% , and max should be 50%. Similarly for revive. So it wil be useful for all, free players, paid players as well as defenders, as they wil be hurt that there defence deserve better rewards. Also max gem a defender can get should be increased now to 200, in the present scenario 100 is too less.


Hey Madlen, can you discuss this with developers and let us know if it can be done. 

There is nothing to be solved here. 

Hi there folks?‍♀️,

  • Currently, there are no plans to change the time-warp scroll.
  • And sorry to be the bearer of bad news here ?, but there currently are also no plans to change the number of gems a defender gets.




So sad …i asked for better rewards while defending and it applies to all. Some people doesnt what that happen.

Thanks Madlen for ur input.


Wise decision. ?

Meanwhile it’s pay to win… have to notice. ?