Once I upgrade any tower or building from my kingdom it always takes me too long and once its finished I can’t get to it in time since I have school

Sorry to say that, but I guess it will take even longer once you get to the last towers and spells and level up those! Some upgrades take more than a week to complete. :grinning:


Also, for most upgrades and stuff you will see the time it takes to upgrade in advance. So just try to start the upgrades at a time such that you can actually activate the upgrade once it gets completed.

E.g. if you generally have time to open the game between 6:30 and 7:00 as well as between 16:00 and 22:30, and there’s an upgrade that takes let’s say 18h then you shouldn’t start it at 6:45, as then it’d finish at 0:45, and also shouldn’t start it at 16:15, as it would end at 10:15 then, but instead start it at 22:00 as then it ends at 16:00 when you have time to activate it right then.

As different upgrades with different durations are available to you at most times, you can profit a lot from proper planning and picking the right upgrade choices at the right time.

Ok thanks Florian

This is why they invented the gems .  :lol:


I have 7 blockades going up to lvl 12 this week all at once. Damn 7 days to wait is silly.

My league now dropped to gold, that’s pretty awesone and i am bored.

Studies is very important

Drop Out! Play video games! weeeeeeeeeee