Timing of Boost your Offense Event

There has not been a Boost your Offense Event in ages, so generally this is appreciated.

BUT, Flare, you managed to do it just when most of the active players with maxed Units and Spells have completed the latest upgrade cycle.

So, very badly timed and useless for many. Next time we need it to speed things up in the beginning of your +1 everything cycles.

I would like a defense event.


everytime same shit. Poor Flare, they need work with it)

Yes, my last spell will be max at end event.  Without speeding up.  Troops allready done?

How dare they make an event that benefits anyone besides the top 5! Rudegames!

Well yeah, that’s how they do most events (as in right after you finish doing what you’d get a discount on if you waited). That’s why I’ve been keeping everything on hold whenever wednesday nears in case there’s an event, and it’s p%&ing me off. A 24h ahead notice isn’t enough, should be several days, or there should be a stable event calendar. It’s too annoying to plan ahead based on flare’s random whims.

It is indeed well timed (Better said, very bad timing). My last spell was maxed last weekend, while my troops are already maxed a few weeks. All without speeding up anything, just by upgrading as soon as next upgrade is available.

I don’t care for the event, fine that others who need to upgrade more stuff now can do so (if their spells or troops aren’t in cool down ). But the question remains why this event indeed was not given somewhat sooner, when everyone who didn’t speed up upgrades could have benefit from it?

I suggest a new type of event, which will let every player profit.  Introduce an event called time limitation event for a couple of days (2 minimal).

I will explain what I mean with this event:

  • Dungeon digging time max 2 days.
    • When we are already digging and remaining digging time is longer than 2 days, make it 2 days.
    • Newly started digging takes 2 days.
  • Upgrade of spell, troops, wave, towers, structures or buildings max 2 days. 
    • When we are already upgrading and remaining upgrade time is longer than 2 days, make it 2 days.
    • Newly started upgrades take 2 days.
  • Forge cool down max 12 hours
    • When something is forged and needs longer than 12 hours cool down, make cool down 12 hours.
    • After forging cool down is 12 hours.

An example.

  • Farm upgrade.
    • Farm needs less than 2 days --> No benefit.
    • Farm needs 4 days before upgrade is ready --> becomes 2 days
    • A new farm upgrade is started --> 2 days before ready

 By such an event everyone will benefit, there is always something in cool down or an upgrade just has been started. Players benefit, since these upgrades/forges will be ready sooner. Also when we want to forge something a few more times this will help. The few forges won’t make that difference, but it will give players a good feeling. 

@Dena4 then this will mean that the flare thinking about the players…so that an unfortunate idea

You hit the bullseye. It’s indeed from flare their point of view not such a great idea, but for the players it would be fantastic.

Think on it, we often delay a sudden part of upgrades, like farms. During such an event it would be fantastic, start the upgrade (2 days), watch a video for reducing cool down and we could upgrade a farm 2 times during such an event. Also for dungeons same story, start it, reduce cool down somewhat by a video, complete the dungeon and dig to the next one. 

For stuff in cool down, we could at least forge/upgrade that same thing another time. So yeah, for just that reason such an event would be fantastic. But I doubt we will ever get such event

Right. This simple thing will make most player happy and at the same time flare will lose nothing in my opinion. 

The players who spend gems now to skip cooldwon, will spend gems then too to level up more. 

I hope FG will take this into consideration. 

During such an event, I think players who now already skip cool down by gems, might even consider to use even more gems.

It’s more interesting to skip lower cool downs, since not that many gems are required. So they could also consider upgrading multiple times for the same amount of gems. Say for example you need to forge a spell like bladestorm on range. When you need to wait almost 7 days, it literally costs thousands of gems skipping a cool down. With cool down limited to 12 hours, it costs hundreds of gems. So for players who skip cool down, now can make serious business of some forgings by spending the same amount of gems. Their forge doesn’t improve by one or two on a stat, now it could improve by 5-10 times by using the same amount of gems.

So I think that Flare eventually also will benefit from this. 


Right. Certainly this idea is going to be implemented today or tomorrow. It’s a win win situation. However I’m waiting for @Cromka1 to tell us something which we are missing. He always have an idea of other side of picture. That’s good. 

Im lazzy to answer.

flare will never make this game cheap or free. Its buisness. Or you play hard and long- its make money for FLARE. Or you pay for fast games 

thats why i dnt think all your dreams on forum are real.

its just an event. This event good for low players, so nothing bad. For top players we need only BS event, i think

:wink: You didn’t get the point. Players will play more and skip more to level up fast in the event. Skipping a 2d cooldown is chepear than skipping a 5d+ cooldown. 


Also there’s a cooldown in bs event too. The system goes same for all events. 

Noone will skip if 2 days cooldown) no point for it)

As expected  :wink:

Actually, the point of these events is to allow players to catch up.

The super active crowd will always get everything maxed at some point and then basically keep it that way with every new update until they leave the game. However, fresh players might get frustrated by the widening gap between them and the top. In 2014 it was easy to get to the top within a few months (check out the most powerful spell back then), but in the meantime many new levels and features have been added. That is why upgrade times have been capped and why speed up events are needed.

Very active players with everything at max are overrepresented here at the forums, but Flare has to look beyond the top 1000 if they want to stay in business. Personally, I haven’t had much fun with these offense events, but it’s OK that they’re there.

I think this event is best treated just random / fun thing - with no real aim.

I don’t really think this event was aimed at allowing players to catch up, it would need to be more often - not every quarter / half year.
Also for many / most players not maxed, the event probably did nothing given troops and spells already upgrading and don’t finish before the event is over.
If it at least reduced current upgrades to the capped amount (like they did with dungeon cap), most would have at least some benefit.

so basically:

  • the maxed players complain its useless.
  • the non max players complain its useless as upgrades already in progress.

But at least it was announced in advanced as promised, which was probably the most useful part of the event so players holding off forges could do their forging for the week :slight_smile:

I would think the same goes for all events, actually. Somebody remembers wednesday is coming up and they throw a dart at a list of events.

Then next time invite Rob Cross, Phil Taylor (he can do it, he is officially retired now) or Michael van Gerwen to throw that dart. Then we are certain to get the event of our choice  :sunglasses:

the blacksmith  and alliance party are the most used ones I think (apart from community weeks). Rest are mainly fillers.

with a little thought it doesn’t need to be this way. These upgrade boost events could be made useful by announcing well ahead so players can make use of it, or reduce currently upgrading items to the capped amount.

other option is to choose / come up with short events that do not need advanced notice to take advantage of.
eg the treasure hunter / reduced food increased xp as standalone event rather than justin community week.

the pal collector also doesn’t need much advanced notice, but obviously ppl that play once a day cannot take advantage.
also granny, but that event is probably not something most look forward too…