Tiny amount of beach balls in summer festivals

I’ve been in touch with this forum. When the event started we got 2 chest on that day. After that only one chest each day. I get about 300 beach balls per chest. But 4 of my friends get about 7 to 9 hundred. Thats cheating with me. This way i cant buy aska or nidhog. Please give little more balls per chest

My friends have already reached 3200 balls. But I’m still stuck at 1900. I never missed a single chest. I play right when the cooldown ends like 12utc. Any players can tell by chance if I can manage to collect 6500beach balls should i buy aska or nidhog?  Please

It’s not cheating you, you’re just getting bad luck. I’m sorry to say, but there’s nothing you can do about this

If we do not buy chests for gems, we’ll get *****.


Sorry to say, there’s a lot of “bad luck” going around this festival. I’ve played every day, not missed a chest, and I won’t have enough to get Nidhogg either. I’m not used to getting the festival gear in every chest, every day. That usually happened to me during the last couple days of the festival, AFTER I had enough tokens to get the items myself. This festival I’ve gotten the boots or the cape with almost every chest, which cuts down on the amount of the tokens needed to purchase Nidhogg. Others in my alliance have already received enough to purchase Nidhogg, while others have received Nidhogg in a chest, and yes, there are others still in my alliance who won’t have enough to tokens to really do much of anything either (and goal is to purchase Nidhogg or Aska as well). It does seem, however, that the “perfect trophy level” for completing the right amount of tokens, at least in our alliance is the 3.5-4k level. Those that fall outside that level are the ones that won’t have enough (our observations, btw, not any facts…but sad if that’s the reality of the matter).


Seriously, do your friends got nidhogg in festival chest?? 

I have one chest to go and I’m not sure I’ll break 7k balls. Others can’t get 6.5k for Nidhogg. Some had Nidhogg in a chest, I had three hammers so far. THREE! The heck is wrong with your RNG, flare? Random or not, if the most expensive item is 7k then guaranteed base reward for 100% participation should be 7k points. You can randomize anything extra all you want.

I remember the days when you could get two items in a festival easy, not one barely. Y’all sure got cheap.

Sadly its the part of this festival we have complain a lots in the past for each festival. its too much based on luck of how number of balls you will get. Some can get just 200 if they get normal one. Others can get 500 with one Uber and normal and other like me have got 2 Uber in some chest. I have finish with over 7100 balls and probably others have finish with just 5,500,others at 6,000 and others really close at 6,436

its just too much unfair. Each chest should gauranteed a minimum and a maximum. So everyone should get close the same. If I finish at 7,100 others should finish at 7,000 or around too

I remember too the days where Festival was 14 days or 30 days. Same if you got worst chest at the final you was able to buy 2 items