Tiny Kingdom

Tiny Kingdom is looking for new, active and team playing king and queens to grow and beat our rivals in wars.


we do not ask much of you. Only that you are active during wars in offense and defense, donate daily as much as possible so we can grow and use buffs more often, have alliance tower of minimal level 4.

We are Primarly english speaking alliance, tough some dutch can ben trown in sometimes we are sorry for that :grinning:

we are always open to join unless we are full or in the middle of a war season. You can still apply and we accept as soon its over or their is room.


have a nice day.


Fieranda leader of Tiny Kingdom

A shameless bump.

Tiny Kingdom still looking for active members to reduce our struggle in wars. We got plenty of space and this point we accepting everyone to fill the blank spots.


are you driven king/queen wish to bolster our strenght. Join today!


have a nice day