Tips and Tricks to beat Phoebe!

Sorry for the really weird color during the attack. I accidentally added a filter that made it change. Just ignore it…pleeeease :wink:  lol. Enjoy!



The best trick. Use a combo of Ascension Archers with elite boost and Mad Monks. Spells - Sheild, Sonic Blast, Blizzard. Any level phoebe killed in 5 seconds. Use trusty as Guardian and Fritz as Pal. Use all the things - Trusty, and all the spells in front of Phoebe at the same time. PHOEBE DOWN!

Just plain power archers or boosted knights will do the trick. You only must know what you are doing and important is, stay calm, don’t panic. Players in panic make mistakes that will cost them the raid.

Even a hypered phoebe will go down in no time, if you use the right technique. 

Main problem players have, isn’t having a protective spell and/or guardian available at moment on arrival of phoebe. Another issue is having main pack crippled at beast arrival. Prevent those situations and with some tips you are fine. 

Before phoebe arrives, you still have time to cast the protective spell one more time, at least if you forged cool down. For guardian, keep him in reserve, just in case, but not really required. It can be a life saver though, so good to have as backup plan. Realize that as soon as guardian is active, a heal or kickback ring won’t protect your troops! So only use guardian only when required to finish phoebe or to save hero. 

Having heal ring is handy, but not a must. It can also be done with other rings, like kickback aura. When troops are not having full health, a heal ring helps them to recover, especially the low life troops. Use scream to pull back troops and let them restore some health. This also gives you some extra time to get spells out of cool down. So now you are prepared to face phoebe. Like I said, golden rule is not to panic and focus on what you are doing. 

Watch on the progress bar how close phoebe is and check if he is surrounded by troops. When surrounded by troops, go forward and use the offensive spells. With an instant spell like blizzard, I wait to be sure to hit all wolfs. A lasting spell I also activate to do final blow to prevent a wolf to hyper phoebe. 

Then it’s time to go for pushing phoebe into the pack. Keep guardian ready in case hero is low on health. Start pushing phoebe, but as soon as you reach the pack, start to push slowly, especially between knights. Remember that ogres won’t kill a higher level phoebe (thanks @ARREBIMBA for that tip), so make sure low morale troops finish the job. If you have donkey, this can be used to give a battle cry effect and give an additional boost.

I will describe two types of setups I use.

First one, Janus as pal (for portal and battle cry), ogre wolf and archers, shield, firestorm and blizzard. I use donkey (level 6) in that case for extra morale. That helps to spawn more archers. Main problem is summoning either no archers or summoning them before portal is open. You really need to save morale for an open portal. When portal is open, only summon archers and keep summoning them. Bring phoebe close to their range and he is history. 

Second setup requires some forges on flute. Shield, heal, flute, ogres wolf and Ceres. As extra troop either knights/archers/cannons. This combo is vulnerable to ranged defense, but kickback aura protects you from most damage and shield and heal will protect the troops plus hero and restore health. Ceres beast has more spirit howl morale (18), so also copies wolfs. Ceres beast will kill phoebe beast really fast. I like to use cannons with them, but also archers or knights will do.

I know there are tons of different combo’s to defeat Phoebe, I just wanted to give a step by step walkthrough for one of them

Yeah! Thats like my friend bro! You really made a nice video! Your combo is very good…