Tips for getting "free gems", request for Jona

I live in the USA so the following tip applies there, but I do not know if credit card companies offer the same type of deals in other countries.


To all who are interested having lots of gems, but are reluctant to spend your money buying gems, here is a method that works. Many credit cards have offers that you can get a certain amount of money that you charge to your card (usually 1-2%) given back to you in either cash or gift cards for various companies and stores. Credit cards usually offer gift cards for Target and Walmart. At my local Target and Walmart, they sell gift cards for Google Play, Windows store, and iTunes (which you can use for Apple devices). You should check out what they sell at your local store before you order a gift card. If you do not live near a Target or Walmart, Target sells gift cards for all 3 platforms online.


Of course, I am not recommending that you go on spending sprees for things you do not need just so that you can get gift cards; that would defeat the purpose of trying to get a deal. Also, if you have credit card debt, it would probably make more sense for you to the cash back so that you can pay off your debt faster.


If you are too young to have a credit card, you could ask your family for the gift card that would work on your device for your birthday, holidays associated with gift giving, and allowances (if you are lucky enough to get one). This is a great time of year to ask your parents if there are any extra chores for Spring cleaning that you could do in exchange for a gift card. I wish I could have my kids clean out the garage for us in exchange for gift cards, but unfortunately they are too little for hard work.



Request for Jona:

For those of us who are willing to spend money on gems (of course, whether we pay via gift card or credit card, your company makes the same amount), while we are serious gamers, we are also customers and we would like to be treated as such. There have been other previous posts about unhappiness with gem offers. Here are some suggestions:


Give advance notice for gem sales. Other stores, whether brick and mortar or online, advertise in advance and communicate exactly what type of deals will be offered so we know how much the products will cost during the sale. We also know that most stores offer sales around holidays. Your sales come unexpectedly, may or may not come around a holiday, and I never have any idea how much my gem deal will be until I turn on my device. Also, as someone who likes to make purchases with gift cards, I can find myself unprepared for one of your deals since my credit card gift cards come in snail mail and I have only a few hours to decide if I will buy your deal. Advance notice would be much appreciated.


Either offer everyone the same gem deal or be transparent about how the deals are offered. During the last gem sale, some people in my alliance were offered 20,000 gems for 49.99 USD, others were offered slightly higher USD amounts, and I was offered 24,000 for 99.99, which was apparently the highest amount. I had spent considerable money on previous gem packages and on direct purchases to level up my alliance. Most companies want to reward the good spenders with good deals, yet I was offered the worst deal, which is very disappointing for me a consumer. Let us know what we can do to get the best deal. People are more likely to spend money if they feel they are getting a good deal, not as if they feel they are getting ripped off.  It seemed like having low amounts of gems increased the likelihood of getting the best gem deal. Is this true?  If so, let us know how low we need to go and when the next sale will be. Also, consider that rewarding those with low gems with the good gem package is conversely punishing those with high amounts of gems with the crummy package, and those who have the high amounts of gems happen to be your best gem buying customers. Is there anything else we can do to get a good gem deal? Some companies give good deals to those who sign up for the e-mail club. Some companies give offers such as spend 50 USD, get 10 USD off of your next purchase. Give people an incentive to spend. People are more likely to buy two 49.99 USD gem packages than one 99.99 package. 


Just a few thoughts for your consideration. Hope they are helpful.

Great post some really good tips…and JONA please consider discussing with your management…it makes sense that if the gem deals were announced or a criteria triggering the deal (which in some cases but not all is triggered by low gem levels) was clearer more people would by more gems …

+1 Advance notice, and sales around holidays would be greatly appreciated. People will get deals on gems, and Flare will be making money. Everyone wins. Also…Easter is this Sunday sooo…yea. :ph34r:

Great tips mommy.

IOS user are quite lucky coz itunes card are always on sale.

Most of the time they have 25% off.

Agreed. Some people even got like 90% off at some occasions. Not fair to all the others. 

What we know so far.


Players that have not bought gems will get a better deal to entice a gem purchase, think those starter packages or workers packages.


Gem sales are semi random currently. If you have spent a lot of money in the past it appears you gem sale will not be as large as others who have only spent a little. Again they entice the smaller spenders with better deals to get them to spend more money and the bigger spends rarely if even get the 50% off deals.


You will eventually stop getting special offer packages even if you have no gems. I have not seen a package for months on my main account. I think I purchased too many of them and now the game never gives me one even if i have under 100 gems for several weeks 

Yes this is very true itune gift cards are always on sale and the best I have gotten some for was around 40% off at one time but that was stacking 2 deals together. The best solo discount is 30% and 15-20% is very common on itunes gift cards