Tips for upgrading towers?

what is the quickest way to upgrade towers and get tower options?

  1. Fight during wars. During wars, people fight for glory, and completely forget about their gold. Much more gold to come by!

  2. Join a guild with many boosts and high % gold boost.

  3. Wear Gold Boost armor.

  4. Between wars, open up your base so that you bleed about 300 trophies. This will give you easier opponents, to counteract the Gold Boost!

  5. Only focus on Bomb Towers, and Skull Towers. Bomb Towers are cheap and sturdy; they’ll last throughout. Skull Towers are a bit better, but are as expensive as Hell, and so really aren’t worth the money until after you’ve maxed a few Bomb Towers.

  6. Barricades > Blockades. Cheaper and stronger.