Tips On Winning Leagues?

Previously I could see an average trophy count to win the leagues. For example:


Bronze League - 800 medals to 1000 medals?

Silver League - Around 1500 medals

Gold League - Around 2500 medals

Platinum League - Around 4000 medals

Diamond League - ??? Since I haven’t got there yet


But now I can see some really crazy trophy count at the top of the leagues, like 2000+ medals in the Bronze League. Probably not that crazy but I can imagine what happens up in the leagues.


So, is there any tips to win leagues? I wanted to specify Platinum League and Diamond League since I’m stuck there, but I thought maybe other players would need help at the Bronze - Gold Leagues.  :stuck_out_tongue:


Leave your tips and tricks below please!  :wink:

…mhm…my tips and tricks are raid raid raid raid until your fingers (I play with phone) are “flat”  :slight_smile:

I guess one hint might be choosing carefully whom to attack. Go for players that you can beat 100% without scrolls/resurrects, but that still give you many medals per raid. Maybe favorite a few “worthy” opponents and visit them again.

Also, decide at the beginning of your raiding session whether you want to actually go for gold or for medals mainly. E.g. raiding someone 2 or 3 times in a row will give you much less gold than raiding 3 different people, but at a known base you will probably win a lot easier than just fighting random unknown opponents every time. Also from matchmaking, there might be players offering only a lot of medals or only a lot of gold, so you have to decide which ones you pick.


Most important tip at all: Do not fight someone that you know you can’t beat without scrolls/resurrects as those will cost you many gems, and gaining gems is the purpose of winning a league, so spending gems on the way there just makes it useless to win… when you’re on Android or iOS, yes, watching videos for free bread can definitely help - that also may explain some of those “crazy” medal counts you have seen. Buying a silo refill (cost: about 50gems) is rarely worth it, unless it makes the difference between winning diamond league (reward: 375 gems) and getting 2nd place there (reward: 150 gems). Buying several silo refills is probably never worth it, unless you manage to break the league record (granting you an extra gem reward on top of the regular 1st place gems).


Another one: At some times of day leagues are harder on average as more players start their leagues at some times than at other times… e.g. 4 AM at GMT has repeatedly been said to be a bad/hard time for starting your league.

If you are sure to win the current league you are in, don’t raid for a while and start a new league with a full silo and full farms.

Try take a lead and try to dishearten competitors early. Try to get double what the best player in the new league has EARLY.

Watch as many free videos as you can, and, as mentioned, don’t attack bases you aren’t sure you can beat.

Use favorites and find people with high medal offerings compared to your level.

If you are close to the end of a league and someone is close to you in medals, start raiding depending on how 

many battles you can do versus time left. Ex: If you can do 8 battles (full silo and farms)

8 x 3 minutes (roughly) per battle, start raiding roughly one half hour before the league ends.

If you are in the lead, you should be able to stay in the lead, and get the coveted 375 gems :grinning:

If you’re lower level player then you have to pick your opponent more carefully according to the medals amount they offer , if you have medal boost then its easier.The best thing would be to have max level farm as you can attack every 2 and a half hour.Start a league with full farm and silo like theredone stated.Build a huge gap between you and 2nd place , play a lot in first day of diamond league , don’t skip session if possible.


I use to build 3k lead everytime , not its a lot easier for me its usually 10k-20k gap after 2 days  :grinning:


So, I’ve been trying to win this so called Diamond league for a long time but just edges off by the lower player having somewhere around 1000 trophy only but equipped with impressive hero items and me being 3000+ trophy player.It is so hard to get a decent medals from raiding other bases and i think reason that he (lower level king ) is always winning Diamond league is that whenever he is raiding other player player i.e higher level than him,he is getting minimum of 500 medals or so and me at the other hand just getting 300 medals and if this is a real things and a CLEVER way to win this league than i have to loose my trophy soon ??

What u guys think ? Does this process works ??  :unsure:

P.S. i’m windows user !!!  :angry:

  1. get a max level farm and silo if you haven’t yet

  2. dont skip too many session 

  3. attack 500+ medals base only


this is the basic tips I guess , I get 600+ medals base in 4k range so I’m sure theres a 500+ medals base in 3k range that you can beat.

but what if i have 1k trophy and attack 3k player? will i get higher medals ?? :unsure:

most of the time you will get more medals from higher rank players but it’ll also be very hard to beat the base , just use matchmaking and look for good medals

so, do u reckon me lowering some trophy to get more medals ???

I just consistently use the matchmaker. I probably only win 80% of the raids (>75%) but this keeps me at a medal range I think the game wants me to be at.

I also consistently win top 5 in diamond leagues without refilling silo at all (im a windows player)

Jason wivarts videos good enough? :huh:

If you want to win the league once is pretty easy. Sometime you join an easy league which 30000+ can win you a league. Sometime you will come 2nd or 3rd even you have 70000+ metal. Give up some hard league and wait for an easier one. I have tried 2 times with 70000+ metals, it is just too tired.

If you can get 10000 metals a day, or 30000 metals for 3 days for Diamond League, you will have a chance to win the league when there isn’t hardcore raider in your league.

Hm…so i guess i have to wait for a right moment and take that oppurtunity !!! THANKS all for your kind suggestion …

You’re welcome

Here ya go some fun advice on leagues