tired and exasperated

ive played rr2 for a long time…seen many fails on the devs side…this one is the biggest…i saw the islands and the brtght graphics and said…too cool…everything went downhill from there…crashes b4 during and after fights…server problems…however flare said compensation…so i continued…it was fun the paths were different…then i waited for compensation…i got a weel chewed bone…and flare is eating steak…i didnt expect them to total u and give me gems i spent in cooldown after seeing the flaws tn event…i expectedto get my deserved winnings if they had not given us the crashes…

Flare should send edward to massage you, you’ll get many “wise quotes” as bonus throughout the massage…

Would be esier to read without so many …, and maybe  with capital letters at the beginning of the sentences and with a dot at the end. We all got frustrated because of the event but come on, let’s have some common sense and make posts which would have more sense, please.

it wasnt an english composition…or my thesis


The only reason I don’t break your shins for talkin’ to gypsyrose that way is that you’re a bird, and somewhere above the trees I hear your sweet tweet tweet tweet and I think, wow, there’s a good reason to clean my feet.


Live long and die,