Titan chest: 50 ambrosia islands

Hi. I am working on the cursed Titan chest requiring the conquest of 50 ambrosia islands.  When I conquer an ambrosia island, I rarely get credit toward this goal.  Just now I conquered three ambrosia producing islands without getting any closer to opening this chest. Thank you for looking into this problem.

It is a near impossible quest. I think it must be more balanced. 

@LocrianAjax What do you mean you rarely get credit towards that goal? It is a difficult quest but not impossible. At least you do  not have “Destroy 25 Apollo Towers” as my kid brother has and he is only level 35, LOL.

He means that even when he conquers an ambrosia island, the counter of the chest does not go down.


Did you download the latest upgrade last week?

Thank you for your responses. Dheth, you are correct. Dumpster, my game is fully upgraded.

A somewhat stupid thing to check, but did you actually fight for those chests or simply moved your heroes on them? IF thats not the issue, try doing the usual dev/gala ping.

I bet this is it. The quest directions are unclear.

I fought for the ambrosia islands.

Try approaching Gala @LocrianAjax.

The timer on my previous chest expired.  My current Titan chest reads, “Take over # Wisdom island(s).”  This quest works as advertised; one wisdom island taken means one less number to open the chest.

So that one works now?

To have the same quest and it seems almost impossible. Count an island only when you fight and not just move a hero to an empty one. Not enough enemies appear on the 5 to 7 on ambrosia islands for a day that makes it impossible to fulfill and if desired for 7 days and there is no option to get rid out of the chest and start a new one. This is unbalanced!

I had a quest donqtq 1.250.000 gold to alliance. At first sight i say one of the easy ones but i had less than 3 days. My hall of uranus is maxed. I was impossible to do that with daily donations. At least 4 days was necessary. 

But some quest summon 100 troops stuff, so easy. Can be done it with 1 or 2 attacks (spearmen job 1 attack, trebuchets job 2 attacks was easy). 

Conqueer island missins for me the hardest. Need much time, resouces, waiting other players retake them… 

Hi @LocrianAjax

This quest can be done in 4 days only you need to be patient and leave ambrosia island empty not all but at least four and keep your heroes stationed near to those ambrosia islands and attack them when they are occupied by other players and if possible try to login in every four or maybe five hour and fight at least four five battles on ambrosia islands .I have received such quest almost three times but it is only time consuming but not impossible to achieve.I hope this may help you.


It’s a very annoying quest. The kill X towers/monster quests can be really annoying too

Just finished 50 ambrosia islands with 3 hours to spare, lol.

As is the autoplay quest, if you are at high level/torches and almost all you get on map is people from top 20 alliances with buffed bases and often with 10k+ torches…
Especially considering how often autoplay is dumb.

I’m really that close to just stop doing titan chests from titan points, the feeling is that you get way more frustration than rewards :confused:


I like the concept of performing Herculean labors to get treasure, but this is like doing accounting homework. 

Keep calm and use this tip: there is 1 quest for me for hard missions. . Earn 250 gems (from treasure packs). Collecting 250 gems is much more easy for me ?