titan chest not awarded

i’ve opened a second account and i entered the code of my main account, but in the main account I did not receive the titan chest. what to do ? 

Hello, jumping on this, I had the same, linked to my main account, the new account got the chest but the existing one I linked to did nothing. A couple of days now, I’ve logged into both accounts many times.


@CaptainMorgan my main account is Vasudeva1 and my second account is narayan3, can i have a solution for this, or this topic will be ignored  ? 

@vasudeva1 According to our stats, entering the Titan code successfully unlocked the Titan chest on your main account. I can also see that you opened it quickly after it got unlocked and got 1 Titan item as well as 4 Godlikes from it. There is no special message which tells you that the chest was unlocked when the code was entered, it just becomes a regular Titan chest which can be opened by tapping on it in the inventory.

@StuartMc1 Can you please give me your in-game name and the name of the account which entered your code?

no no no no no no stop @Chris!!! i don’t accept this !!! i opened titan chest unlocked by entering titan code from “mater1”

the titan chest from “narayan3” has never unlocked…never !!!

if you do not want to give my titan chest ok, but don’t say false things

I’m not sure whether you’re aware of it but at the time when you entered those codes you only had 1 locked Titan chest in your inventory. The first code which was entered by “mater1” unlocked this chest. The next code which was entered by “narayan3” did not unlock a chest because you did not have any locked chests left.

I would also like to ask you to mind your words a bit as you are technically asking for support regarding something which is against flaregames’ terms of service (having multiple accounts). I guess you will agree that making fake accounts to unlock Titan chests is not how the system is intended to be used.

@Chris ii agree whit you, but as you can see i’m developing my secondary account, he is now at level 17 near 18-20 whit 2 workers , i have an other pc for the work , and i have downloaded the game  on the other pc 

and i repeat is active and not a fake account. Anyway if you consider fake account please delete him and all secondary accounts of all players. If you consider a real active secondary account find a solution for this problem 


You’ve already answered it thanks, I was too quick and didn’t have a titan reward ready.

(New phone with a second space, I’m using it to create two new accounts for my baby alliance)

my titan code box is disappear how should i enter others code please help

@Arunvarman at the moment you are limited to entering only one code. If you have already added someone, you cannot add another.

ok bro thank you