Titan Chests and Invitation Codes

Here is a run through of how Titan Chest codes work, so that it’s available for all to see. More information can also be found in the FAQ, here:


In order to link, a new player needs to enter your code. Here’s a step-by-step:

  1. Find a person who has not yet started Olympus Rising, or a current player who has not yet entered a code from another player.

  2. Ensure that person reaches Ascension Level 5 (which is where they can first access the Titan Rewards screen).

  3. Give them your code.

  4. Have the player enter the Titan Rewards screen and type the code into the available “Enter Code” box. _ Note: this box is only visible if they have not already entered someone’s code._

  5. You are now linked!

To answer other questions:

"What is the difference when I link my account to him or he links to me?"

There is no difference, in both cases you will both be added to both players’ lists.

"Will it give me or him the points?"

You will both get points, one per day, every day the other player logs into the game. _ Note: you do not immediately get a point, the first point will be collectable after 24 hours._

Also it’s worth noting that you get 1 point per day just by checking the screen, even if you have not linked with anyone.

If I link with someone that opens a chest for me and I delete him afterwards: will I be able to link with him again for a new chest opening? Or do I have to find a new friend for each chest?

You will need to find a new person to invite. Each player can only enter one code, even if you delete them afterwards.

My friend added me, but now I can’t add him. Why not?

You are already connected with your friend, so entering their code will not connect you again! Your friend should already appear in your list. Now you can add someone elses code and link with another player.